MLB The Show 20 Play with Friends | How to play online

MLB The Show 20 Play with Friends

MLB The Show 20 has witnessed a multitude of online technical issues since launch. It would seem that, although players know how to get online, the game servers are not up to snuff. Perhaps the servers were not designed to accommodate the game’s popularity. One issue, in particular, is preventing users from being able to play online with friends in MLB The Show 20.

How to Play a Friend in MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20 Play with Friends

With little else to do, gaming has experienced a massive popularity spike in the last week and a half thanks to COVID-19. If you’re trying to figure out the MLB The Show 20 play with friends feature, but can’t seem to get it to connect, you’re not alone. 

It seems the MLB The Show 20 play with friends error occurs while trying to load into a game with a friend, and presents a “challenge failed” message. Further, trying to connect again seems to result in the same issue, causing PS4 players to be unable to play with one another.

Unfortunately, it seems the core of this issue has to do with online servers and PlayStation Network. While developers work on a fix, there isn’t really much that you can do. However, there have been some reports from players saying that persistence will eventually allow you to connect with a friend — so if you have the patience, you can keep trying to play a friend.

According to, 92% of the errors reported for this game have to do with server connection issues. The Playstation Network itself has also reported a glut of server issues due to excessive online traffic.

Although both MLB The Show 20 and the PSN are working to expand their servers’ capacities and optimize data flow, it may be some time before the game’s online functions are consistently working again.

Until then, be patient, stay safe, and have fun however you can.



Written by Andrew Smith