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MLB The Show 21 Barry Bonds | Is He in the Game?

MLB The Show 21 Barry Bonds

MLB The Show 21 is a continuation of a series dedicated to the history of baseball. Because of that, dozens of baseball heroes are represented in the game. You can collect almost all of the biggest names in the league, past and present. However, there are a few names missing from the roster. Is Barry Bonds in MLB The Show 21? Surely such a big superstar is in a celebration of America’s favorite pastime.

Is Barry Bonds in MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 Barry Bonds

Unfortunately, Barry Bonds is not in MLB The Show 21. This is likely because Barry Bonds has stepped away from the MLB Players Association’s licensing agreement, and thus any attempts to use his likeness in an official setting would be impossible. That means that Barry Bonds is not in the game MLB The Show 21 in any way, other than through the player creation system.

While it is unfortunate that Bonds is not going to make it into the game series — despite his impressive legacy in the game — it’s not an unpopular choice to pull away from the licensing agreement. There’s a reason that there are a few notable missing names besides Bonds, including Kevin Millar.

Diamond Dynasty has been reintroducing old players back onto the diamond. However, this still means that Bonds would have to give his name to the series, which does not seem to be in the cards as of right now.

While unofficial, Bonds can still live on in the game if players wish to be creative. You would need to have a pretty good understanding of Bonds to make him, and admittedly it would be tricky with the starting stats to emulate Bonds’ legacy. You’ll have to grind him up through Diamond Dynasty until he returns to his record-breaking self, which can be a chore for people just wanting to play with the legend.

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Written by Andrew Smith