Modern Warfare 2 Out Today But Crossplay Can’t Be Disabled

Modern Warfare 2 Out Today But Crossplay Can't Be Disabled
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The newest entry in the Call of Duty franchise is here, but fans are upset about one particular Modern Warfare 2 feature.

This year’s Call of Duty entry continues the Modern Warfare reboot that began in 2019. The original Modern Warfare, as well as its sequel, is one of the greatest Call of Duty games of all time.

We got to experience the Modern Warfare 2 campaign and were pleased with what we saw. In our review, we said that we are “extremely satisfied with the campaign as is. A good combination of different mission types and memorable moments makes replayability super high. The added length is great and makes the campaign seem like it was more planned out. It’s nice to see the effort put into Modern Warfare 2’s story instead of being an afterthought for selling the multiplayer.”

There is a lot of buzz for the future of Call of Duty, but one feature has people quite upset. Xbox and PC players are finding out that they cannot disable crossplay. This means that people on Xbox using a controller are playing multiplayer against those on PC with a mouse and keyboard. Generally, the mouse and keyboard control setup is superior and more precise than a controller. 

To make matters more interesting, PlayStation users can turn off crossplay. This means they won’t be playing against those on Xbox or, more importantly, PC. 

There is no way to natively turn off Xbox and PC crossplay for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, but there is a solution.

How to turn off crossplay for Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox

  • On the Xbox dashboard, open the guide menu.
  • Navigate your way to the right to pull up the settings menu.
  • You want to go to Online safety & family in the settings menu. It is on the general tab.
  • Select Privacy and online safety.
  • Select Xbox Live privacy.
  • Select View details and customize.
  • Select Communication and multiplayer.
  • From here, you can either allow or block “You can play with people outside Xbox Live.” This is what will prevent crossplay from Modern Warfare 2. Keep in mind that this will avoid crossplay on all games, too. 
  • Restart your Xbox console. 

The future of Call of Duty

Call of Duty has been in the news recently for more than just the release of Modern Warfare 2.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan recently said that Microsoft’s offer to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation was “inadequate.” Last month it was reported that games like Call of Duty would appear on Xbox Game Pass when the Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard is finalized. 

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, said that Microsoft “provided a signed agreement to Sony to guarantee Call of Duty on PlayStation, with feature and content parity, for at least several more years.” Jim Ryan is none too happy about that.

“Microsoft has only offered for Call of Duty to remain on PlayStation for three years after the current agreement between Activision and Sony ends,” he said. “After almost 20 years of Call of Duty on PlayStation, their proposal was inadequate on many levels and failed to take account of the impact on our gamers. We want to guarantee PlayStation gamers continue to have the highest quality Call of Duty experience, and Microsoft’s proposal undermines this principle.”

Sony is the only publisher that expressed concern about Microsoft’s attempted purchase of Activision Blizzard. Sony believes no one else can develop a franchise on par with Call of Duty. Other publishers, such as Riot Games, Bandai Namco, and Ubisoft, didn’t share the same concerns. 

Riot Games feels like Naughty Dog, a studio owned by Sony, is capable of matching anything and everything Microsoft can offer. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is available now for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. 


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