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Modern Warfare 2 Sensitive Documents | Where to Find

Modern Warfare 2 Sensitive Documents - Where to Find

The most recent season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has had some interesting quests for players. The “Caved In” Tier 4 mission in particular is a strangely difficult subquest, requiring quite a few steps to complete. The sensitive documents that you must gather to complete this MW2 mission can be a bit tricky to locate. And, once you find them, you still have quite a lot of quest to complete! So, let’s talk about where these documents are, what you need to do with them, and why you might not be getting the mission credit.

Where are the Sensitive Documents in MW2?

Where are the Sensitive Documents in MW2?

The sensitive documents of Modern Warfare 2‘s DMZ mission “Caved In” are a random lootable item. These documents seem to have a higher chance of dropping in Sawah Hotel, in filing cabinets, or near computers in office buildings or police stations. Once you have the documents, you must head into Sattiq Caves by using a boat and then take the smuggling records after entering the cave. Place the documents in the same place and, unless the mission is bugged, you’re good to go.

Finding the documents in the first place requires a bit of luck. The Sawah Hotel in Sawah Village is usually the best place to peek around. Players have reported relatively high success rates when looking in there. But, there have also been reports of the needed item being located in police stations or office buildings. Scan around computers or filing cabinets and you should find it!

In the same deployment, you must then use a boat to enter the Sattiq Caves area and locate a small shack. Head into the shack and grab the Smuggling Records item. Replace it with your documents afterwards, and you will complete the quest.

Well, you should complete it, at least! Sadly, some players are reporting no success when attempting to complete this quest. This is a bug, but a bug without an answer. You can try to place the documents in other places within the shack, but otherwise, you’re out of luck! Check for future patches for the bug fix.

Written by Andrew Smith