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Modern Warfare Kar98k Attachments | Best setup and attachments

Modern Warfare Kar98k Attachments

Despite all the mixed opinions surrounding the game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has several things going for it, and among the more interesting parts are the attachments. More specifically, the Modern Warfare Kar98k attachments are an excellent way of making a great gun even better. There’s several attachments to use though, and they all have their place in different combat scenarios. Here’s how to determine which attachments will work best for several popular setups.

The Best Modern Warfare Kar98k Attachments 

Modern Warfare Kar98k Attachments

Marksman Rifles are the best of both worlds. They offer a dynamic, versatile blend of range, accuracy, and speed. For many players, the Kar98k is the most useful among them. These guns have potential beyond their base stats though, through the use of the game’s many different attachments. Which Modern Warfare Kar98K attachments work the best for each play style though?

Traditional Sniping Attachments

For players that enjoy sniping the old fashioned way, these are some of the best Kar98k attachments. These provide reliable ranged combat advantages. 

    • (Optic) Sniper Scope
    • (Barrel) Singuard Custom 25.1”
    • (Stock) STVOL Precision Comb
    • (Grip) Rubberized Grip Tape

Duck and Cover Sniping

Modern Warfare’s new mounting mechanic has opened up a lot of room for new class types. This weapon build takes advantage of the cover system, increasing accuracy and protection simultaneously. 

    • (Optic) 4.0x Flip Hybrid
    • (Barrel) Singuard Custom 21.1”
    • (Underbarrel) Bipod
    • (Stock) STVOL Precision Comb
    • (Rear Grip) Rubberized Grip Tape


It wouldn’t be Call of Duty if there wasn’t any quickscoping. Love it or hate it, it’s a pride point for many players. It’s not exactly an easy play style, but these attachments can make it more viable. 

    • (Optic) Scout Combat Optic
    • (Barrel) Singuard Custom 27.6”
    • (Stock) FTAC Sport Comb
    • (Rear Grip) Stippled Grip Tape
    • (Muzzle) Flash Guard

These basic attachment setups open up a world of possibilities for the Kar98k. With differing perks, killstreaks, and equipment loadouts, they can be modified for any map or situation. 

Written by Andrew Smith