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Modern Warfare The Embassy Bug | Mark Targets from the Rooftops

Modern Warfare The Embassy Bug

Modern Warfare is filled with tons of different missions for players to complete as they journey through the main campaign. One mission in particular seems to be bugged and is giving players trouble. Here is how to properly “Mark Targets from the Rooftops” and circumvent the Modern Warfare The Embassy bug.

Modern Warfare The Embassy Bug | Mark Targets from the Rooftops


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If you’ve been making your way through the Modern Warfare campaign, you’ll eventually reach The Embassy mission. In one part of the mission, players will be instructed to eliminate enemies in the “Mark Targets from the Rooftops” section.

If you’ve been playing this mission for a while, you’ll likely realize that the Modern Warfare The Embassy bug will prevent players from moving past this part of the mission. Instead of progressing, you’ll just be stuck bombing random places trying to advance in the mission.

Some players have tried restarting the mission or reloading from save points and have had no luck. If this is you, then odds are you’re pretty frustrated by now — thankfully, there is a simple solution.

Modern Warfare The Embassy Bug
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To fix the Modern Warfare The Embassy bug, you’ll need to shoot a missile at a building in the far left corner. If you’re not sure which building we are talking about, we’ve added a picture below courtesy of r/ModernWarfare.

Once you do this, you should be able to move past the “Mark Targets from the Rooftop” section and continue with the mission. Bugs are annoying, but unfortunately, they are part of games. Hopefully, Activision will take note of it and offer a patch in the near future that will prevent it in the future.

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