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Monster Hunter Rise Change Voice | How to Change Your Character’s Voice

Change Voice

Monster Hunter Rise has a pretty huge amount of character customization. You can change your height, specific aspects of your body shape, and everything your heart desires, really! So, when the developers implemented voices, all old fans of Monster Hunter were surprised! This is the first entry in the series with voice, and thus you might want to try different ones. However, can you change voice in Monster Hunter Rise? Or are you stuck with your first pick?

How to Change Voice in Monster Hunter Rise

Change Voice

There is a way to change your voice in Monster Hunter Rise, but it requires the purchasing or acquisition of alternate voice packs. When you get a DLC or any other downloadable voice, you may change your voice. To do so, head to your item box, choose the “Change Appearance” category, and then head to the bottom option called “Voice”. If you have your DLC content ready for action, then you can change your voice to whatever the DLC content has given you.

Unfortunately, as of right now, you cannot change your voice type to any of the 19 other voice types in the base game. So, you’re more or less stuck on the same voice. And, as of the writing of this article, there are no DLC voices. You’re stuck with what you have!

That’s different than the rest of your appearance, which you can change at will. This is primarily for your hunter colors, though you can change tattoos and even aspects of your hair, like color or style. The actual size of your body remains the same. It seems like Capcom didn’t want you changing how you looked all the time. That’s probably fair enough, though hopefully there will be an option to change body type in the future.

In the worst case scenario, there are three character slots to explore and adjust. If you don’t like the voice, you can always start again! Though perhaps see if you like the voice before getting too much progress.

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Written by Andrew Smith