Monster Hunter Rise Won’t Be Getting PC Cross-Saves or Cross-Play

Monster Hunter Rise
Photo Credit: Capcom

After putting out a fan survey, Capcom has decided that cross-saving and cross-playing won’t be coming to Monster Hunter Rise.

While Capcom seemed receptive to fan support, they have confirmed that cross-save and cross-play are not on the horizon for the PC version of the game, including Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak which was released as an expansion for the current game.

News of the decision was released on Monday via the Monster Hunter Twitter account.

While Capcom says cross-saving has been one of its more heavily requested features for gamers looking to move over to PC, they say the team is “unable to implement it this time.”

The company hasn’t clarified where the technical issues exist. Other games such as Daemon x and Hades allow for double-dipping between PC and Nintendo Switch.

Capcom acknowledged that this is a heavily — or at least passionately — requested feature from fans who don’t want to start fresh with the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise, but said that the team is “unable to implement it this time.” That’s a heartbreaker.

If you want to try out Monster Hunter Rise on PC, albeit with a fresh start, it lands on PC on January 12, 2022.


Written by Boss Level Gamer