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Monster Hunter World Cross Platform | Does Monster Hunter World offer cross platform play?

Monster Hunter World Cross Platform |

Cross platform play is an old idea that needs to start being implemented in modern-gen gaming consoles and devices. If you’re unfamiliar, cross platform play means playing online with friends that have different consoles. Naturally, this is leaving a lot of Monster Hunter World players wondering if the game offers cross platform play. Let’s take a look at the Monster Hunter World cross platform discussions and see what is going on!

Monster Hunter World Cross Platform | Is crossplay available?

The Monster Hunter series has always been very conducive towards multiplayer experiences. Old fans of the franchise have likely played alone and online. The massive worlds, complex crafting systems, and the occasionally insanely difficult enemies make Monster Hunter World a trying single-player experience.

Monster Hunter World Cross Platform |

The newest iteration of the series is no different. With updated graphics, character models, and animations, Monster Hunter World is a stellar addition to the series. The huge mega-fauna is back as well, with a range of mammalian to reptilian game to hunt. The developers at Capcom appear to have implemented and improved many of the series features and functions. 

Monster Hunter World’s online functionality is as fresh and featured as ever. The monster hunting simulator supports four players cooperative play and a seamless transition between online and single-player modes.

Missions are launched from an online server supporting up to 16 players. From there, players are able to initiate missions on their own, or form into parties of two, three, or four. If players are lost during a mission, remaining party members can signal for others to join in through the use of the in-game flare item. 

Monster Hunter World Cross Platform

Of course, all of this attention towards multiplayer leaves plenty wondering, is Monster Hunter World a cross platform game? Unfortunately, Capcom left out the ability to play with others on other gaming consoles. Following suit with most other major game developers, Capcom has locked every player into playing with those on the same platform. 

The question now becomes, will Monster Hunter World ever offer cross platform play? Unfortunately, the odds aren’t looking good, at least between console players.

Sony has been traditionally against offering crossplay as an option on its platform, even though Microsoft has been open to it in the past. So, unless a time comes when Sony decides they want to play nice with others, it doesn’t seem that Monster Hunter World is going to support playing with those on an Xbox any time soon.

A future where Xbox and PC players could play together does seem like it could be possible since both platforms are open to crossplay. However, unless all three platforms are going to be able to play together, it doesn’t seem very likely that Capcom is going to open that door and risk harming its relationship with players.

Written by Andrew Smith