Mortal Online 2: Best Mage Build

There are a lot of builds for mages in Mortal Online 2, and each of them can vary slightly depending on your playstyle. You can opt for a hybrid or support mage build, or you can do a pure mage build focusing on spells. This guide will show you the basic tips on how to get started as a mage.

Best Mage Build — Mortal Online 2

When you first create your character, the best clade to choose would be the Alvarin Clades. One of the most important gifts for mages is Long Life, which removes reduces the negative impact caused by aging.

The rest of the gifts can be seen in the photo above. The Runner’s High, Runner, and Sprinter are also some of the more essential gifts on the list.

Above are some of the basic skills for mages. Some specific builds do not require the exact set of skills, others remove the meditation altogether, but this build is one of the basic mages builds in the game.

Anatomy is essential for bandaging yourself when injured and Armor Training can prevent the mana regeneration decrease from heavier armors. Keep in mind that every INT point counts, so doing a mage build at age 60 is better than age 30 because of the 6 int point difference.

More INT points equate to more damage. Psyche is another important attribute because it can give you more mana to cast spells. When building the character, most players would want to choose a Bulky Sheevra because you can get more intelligence in this build.

However, if you want to focus on dexterity, you may want to choose a Skinny Veela mage instead. The build of your mage will depend entirely on you, if you prefer mobility, you may opt for a Veela but you will have less health in turn.

If you choose to build the bulky Sheevra, you can increase your age up to 60 to increase your overall damage.

However, if you choose the faster Veela to build, you can make the age 30 and focus the attribute points on dexterity instead. This build is great for players who prefer speed and mobility.

Written by Borut Udovic

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