Mortal Online 2 – How to Join Your Friends

Mortal Online 2 has officially launched with new loot and areas to explore. The sandbox MMORPG has thousands of players and a competitive PvP world. This is why joining your friends can be beneficial for all parties and this guide will show you how you can join your friends. But the thing is, most players that want to meet up have to do a couple of things first.

How To Join Your Friends — Mortal Online 2

It seems like Mortal Online’s multiplayer technology is similar to other MMORPGs in which that it uses some form of layering.

There are many complex definions of what it is, but it’s basically a technology to keep players separated in multiple instance or it can join multiple players from different instances. It’s just a player allocation technology.

The world of Mortal Online 2 is vast, and there are multiple instances of the game that you can join in. Start by going to the main city and heading to the wooden platform in the center of the town as shown in the photo below.

From the platform, head left until you see a fork filled with wooden crates. Turn right on the fork and keep heading north until you see two stone statues next to the flower bushes.

The right statue will transport you to the mainland.

On the other hand, the left statue lets you travel to another Haven instance. Interact with the statue by pressing R and a menu will pop up.

The haven number below the Haven Statue word is the number for the haven instance you are currently in.

If your friend would like to join your instance, you have to give them your haven number and vice versa. You or your friend will need to type the number in the New Haven textbox.

This will log you out of your game and when you log back in, you will be in the Haven Instance with your friend. As of this moment is not clear whether this will be changing in the future. But it definitely seems unorthodox.

Written by Borut Udovic

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