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Mortal Shell Bells | Bronze and Golden Bells

Mortal Shell Bells Bronze Golden

In Mortal Shell, players quickly learn to fear sound. There’s little to no music and ambient noises are quiet which highlights any disruptions to the rhythm. However, the noisiest thing in the game is the player themselves since several of their items make noise. Two of them, the Bronze and Golden Bells, are useful albeit loud. This guide breaks down Mortal Shell bells, their effects and offer help in finding them.

Mortal Shell Bells | Bronze and Golden

Mortal Shell Bells Bronze Golden

When used, the Mortal Shell bells create passive which are indicted by timer-icons that appear above the player’s health. Due to their level of rarity, building familiarity is fast and can be maxed out after only two or three uses, making the buffs they grant more effective.

The Bronze Bell affects the amount of Tar (currency) earned, starting with a 10% boost for six minutes. Tar is gained from defeating enemies and using Tar-related items so having a small boost can definitely make a difference to earnings. Once familiar, this bell gains an additional buff that gives a 10% bonus to finding Glimpses (rarer currency) on slain enemies.

The Golden Bell affects Resolve (used for special moves) and ringing it increases the player’s amount for about three minutes. Since Resolve is mainly generated through combat and items and special moves are extremely useful, this bell can turn the tides in battle especially against bosses. Getting familiar makes the buff last a bit longer.

Bells are not common items and can be located in strange places. In the list below, we’ve detailed three different ways to find Bronze and Golden Bells in Mortal Shell.

  1. Bronze Bell: On a shattered column underneath Vlas’s shop. Walk to the edge past Vlas, look down, and drop onto the column to get it.
  2. Golden Bell: Halfway up Dim’s Tower, past Dim’s Gate. Climb the stairs past any enemies, and you’ll see a narrow beam across the center. Get to a higher point on the stairs, drop onto the beam then walk over to get it.
  3. Vlas’s Shop: Vlas sells both bells at his shop for 1,000 Tar apiece. He is lurking at the top of the stairs on the outside of Fallgrim Tower.

Bronze and Golden Bells are handy in Mortal Shell and this guide will help you get your hands on some. Ring them and they’ll be the bells of the ball.

Written by Andrew Smith