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Mortal Shell Etherial Diapason | How to Get

Etherial Diapason

Mortal Shell can be a lot like Dark Souls sometimes. Mostly in that some items can be really hard to find! The Etherial Diapason is one of those items. Incredibly useful but really hard to locate, this is a fantastic save-yourself item to clutch out boss fights. Since it’s so strong, it does make sense that it’s pretty hard to find. Thankfully, we know where some (or all) of them are!

How to Get Etherial Diapason in Mortal Shell

Etherial Diapason can be located in three areas, and in the inventory of a merchant. If you wish to purchase it, Sester Genessa sells them for five Glimpses, with only one in stock. Otherwise, there are three locations where you can find them: Dim Gate, Shifting Archives, and the Enshrined Sanctum,

Dim Gate’s Diapason is on the platforms right after you meet Brether Corvid. It’s not too hard to find, and you can find a way above to drop down fairly easily.

The Shifting Archive’s Etherial Diapason is a little harder to find since it’s later in the game. Scan the area on your way from the Archives to the Fallgrim Tower to get started. It shouldn’t be too difficult to notice, as it’s fairly out in the open.

Finally, the Enshrined Sanctum has one right before reaching the Martyr’s alter. Look for an opening on your left (while walking to the altar). The opening contains a chest with the Diapason inside.

The Etherial Diapason is used to allow you to reclaim your shell after death. This means that, after you’ve already been kicked out of your body, this lets you get kicked out of your body again. It’s a second-second chance or sorts! At full familiarity, it also gives you full reknown! It’s a really good comeback tool and can be used to finish off a frustrating or long boss!

Written by Andrew Smith