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Mortal Shell | How to Use the Simple Lute

Mortal Shell - How to use the Simple Lute

The list of items in Mortal Shell may not be as long as some other RPGs, but still has a decent selection. As you arrive in the land of Fallgrim, you’ll receive a set of starting equipment including a lute. The Simple Lute appears to be a source of levity in the gloomy and unforgiving environment, but there’s a bit more to this instrument than meets the eye.

How to use the Simple Lute in Mortal Shell

How to use the Simple Lute in Mortal Shell

One of the notable aspects of Mortal Shell is a distinct lack of music. While there are plenty of ambient sounds and some subtle tracks that spike at certain moments, most of it is unnervingly quiet. This helps to enforce the feeling of loneliness, but the lute provides an escape from that. At any time, you can equip the Simple Lute and use it to start playing a pleasant tune. You’re completely vulnerable while playing, but it’s worth the risk to experience a lighthearted moment in a haunting world.

Use The Lute To Lure Out Enemies

If there’s something that enemies in Mortal Shell like doing, its hiding and ambushing. Fallgrim is crawling with many sharp turns and alcoves enemies use to lurk and attack suddenly. The Simple Lute comes in very handy for foiling these surprises since, as described in-game, the sound drives enemies into frenzy. This allows players to draw attackers out into the open so they can prepare themselves accordingly. While this does risk drawing a crowd, it’s better than being crushed by one.

Be Wary Of Other Lute Players

Believe it or not, you aren’t the only one who can play the lute. Throughout Fallgrim there are a number of Brigands who can be found sitting and playing in the mist. This is why the lack of background music is important: It teaches you to be suspicious of any songs you hear. It’s arguable that the only source of nice music is the Simple Lute, so if you hear it while exploring, it’s safe to assume that enemies are nearby.

The Simple Lute is one of the first items that Mortal Shell gives you, and it’s smart to carry yours to the end. Playing the lute gives away enemies, lures them out of hiding, and offers light in a dark world. There’s no loot quite like the Simple Lute.

Written by Andrew Smith