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Mortal Shell Impervious Lute | How to Get

Impervious Lute

Mortal Shell has a ton of things that just don’t have a good explanation. That’s part of the game’s charm, but it leads to some things never being found. Even more annoying is when the thing is found but doesn’t seem obviously important! The Impervious Lute seems to be just that — a lute that can’t break. However, the instrument has some other benefits that make you legitimately want it.

How to Get Impervious Lute in Mortal Shell

In order to get the Impervious Lute, you’re going to need to head to Fallgrim. Once you’re there, head to the large campsite on the right part of the map. There are a few enemies there, and one of the melee brigands will drop the Impervious Lute on their corpse. Make sure to check all of their bodies, just in case!

This lute is completely unbreakable, but that doesn’t really matter much for you. You can play it to cause enemies to aggro and head towards your current location. The range seems to get better as you advance in familiarity, but that might be a placebo effect!

At ten familiarity, nothing specific seems to happen. However, some brigands that don’t aggro to you may play the song that you are playing as you approach with the lute. In addition, Sester Genessa seems to be a fan of your song and reacts to you playing it if you’re nearby.

In terms of the practical effects of the lute… There aren’t many. The radius is pretty big, so pulling single enemies isn’t exactly what it has in mind. If you time it well, you could pull some enemies and then try to use a massive area of effect move to clear them… But that’s dangerous. Could look cool though!

Like many items in Mortal Shell, this could be just for kicks, and that’s okay! It’s a legitimately fun item that’s easy to grab. Try it out and feel the music!

Written by Andrew Smith