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Mortal Shell Masks | How To Fast Travel

Mortal Shell Masks - How to Fast Travel

Part of what adds to Mortal Shell’s challenge is the amount of traveling the game requires. Like in other Gauntlet-style games, checkpoints are few and with lots of danger in between them. As such, anything that allows fast travel is highly welcome — if a bit costly. The fast travel items of this world take the form of three different masks representative of Sester Genessa, a key character. Here’s how to fast travel in Mortal Shell by using masks, as well as how to get the best one, the Ornate Mask.

Mortal Shell Masks | Fast Travel Masks

Mortal Shell Mask List - Fast Travel Masks

Tarnished and Untarnished Masks

You’ll receive the Tarnished Mask early on in Fallgrim. This Unlimited Use (non-consumable) item allows you to instantly return to the last Sester you visited at the cost of all your Glimpses, an uncommon resource. Through time, you can increase your familiarity with this mask to reduce the cost of Glimpses by 50%.

The Untarnished Mask, on the other hand, is a consumable item found around Fallgrim. They function just like their Tarnished counterparts, but they don’t cost any Glimpses to use. Though definitely more cost effective, their limited availability doesn’t make them a reliable way to fast travel.

Keep in mind that none of the masks can be used while carrying the Sacred Gland.

The Ornate Mask

The Ornate Mask is the third and final type of mask you can find. This version combines the best aspects of the other two: It has unlimited uses and doesn’t cost any Glimpses. It also allows you to teleport to any Sester location you’ve visited previously. The icing on top is the familiarity bonus, which gives a buff that increases the amount of tar you earn for one minute after use.

How To Get The Ornate Mask

Getting the Ornate Mask is a simple but lengthy process. To unlock it, you’ll need to purchase all of the abilities for any selected shell. After you’ve done that, talking to a Sester with that shell equipped will open a store that sells special items. These Merchant Services accept Glimpses as currency, and the Ornate Mask costs 30 Glimpses to purchase.

Written by Andrew Smith