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Mortal Shell Spectral Token | How to Get

Mortal Shell Spectral Tokens

In Mortal Shell, the Spectral Token is a fairly useful consumable. When used, it will boost your damage input after the player has been struck while hardened. This effect increases in effectiveness once the player has gained familiarity with the item. As such, it is worth using as much as possible. So this guide shall break down all the ways to find the Spectral Token, so they can be effectively used in play.

How to Get the Spectral Token in Mortal Shell

There are a couple of different ways that players can get Spectral Tokens in Mortal Shell. In this guide, we will detail the three main ways and provide some detailed instructions on how to go about locating the tokens. In the list below, you’ll find a short overview of the methods:

  • Buy Them
  • Kill Enemies
  • Loot Chests

Keep reading for a more detailed overview of each method!

Buying Spectral Tokens

Mortal Shell Spectral TokensPossibly the easiest way to stock up on Spectral Tokens is to buy them from Sester Genessa. You can find Sester Genessa’s store at the Falgrim Tower.

Spectral Tokens can be bought for two Glimpses each. It is important to note there are only 20 of them in stock, however. So, this unfortunately isn’t an infinite source of the consumable.

Looting Spectral Tokens from Enemies

Mortal Shell Spectral TokensAnother way to get Spectral Tokens is to loot them from fallen enemies. The Slave of Scorn enemy will sometimes drop them when slain.

Slaves of Scorn can be located in the Abandoned Chamber, and can also be found in the Enshrined Sanctum as well as Martyr’s Alter.

The main issue with this method is there is no guarantee that the tokens will drop. However, unlike Sester Genessa stock this method does theoretically provide infinite resources.

Search Chests for Spectral Tokens

Mortal Shell Spectral TokensA handful of other Spectral Tokens can be found in various chests throughout the world of Mortal Shell.

There are three chests with Spectral Tokens in the Enshrined Sanctum. The first can be found by crawling through a small opening in the frozen room. The other two are both at the entrance to the Martyr’s Crypt.

Another chest can be found in the Martyr’s Crypt itself, right at the start of the area.  In the Falgrim area, just to the left of the Abandoned Chamber. Further, another can be found inside the Abandoned Chamber, just behind the first encounter with two Ghouls.

While this method is the most finite, it is certainly worth grabbing them while exploring, especially while fighting enemies, as a lot of the areas where the Slaves of Scorn can be found are also where the chests are.

So, now that you know how to get Spectral Tokens in Mortal Shell, be sure to stock up on them when you can. If you need a break from hunting them down, be sure to check out some of our other guides listed below.

Happy hunting!

Written by Andrew Smith