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Mortal Shell Tainted Nektar | How to Get

Tainted Nektar

Mortal Shell is one of the vaguest games ever made, arguably even more than Dark Souls! So, getting items and finding out what they do can be a huge process. When obtaining your first Tainted Nektar, it’s usefulness can be somewhat questionable. It seems like it just tosses you out of your shell! But, there are a few reasons to use it, and stocking up on this weird object can be useful. That’s why we made a guide on how to get it!

How to get Tainted Nektar in Mortal Shell

In Mortal Shell, you get Tainted Nektar by killing Nocteserper or by buying it from Corrupted Sester. Corrupted Sester sells the Nektar for 250 Tar, and Nocteserpers can occasionally drop it, though it’s fairly rare. You can also find some on the floor; one in a Frog Chest during The Mist, and one behind the Giant Hammer Scholar at the Dim Gate.

Corrupted Sester is the red-faced woman that you find in the first area. She sells Nektar early on, but only has two in stock at any given time, so make sure you check back often. Nocteserpers are a goblin-like ghoul without eyes and are basically all over the map. Unfortunately, there is no given place to make farming them an easy task.

Nektar knocks you out of your shell, but it doesn’t take your “ejection charge.” That means you can still get knocked out of your shell from combat damage, as long as you can get back to it! That makes Tainted Nektar a decent, but risky, full-heal if you think you can make it back to your shell in time. A stockpile of these will quickly turn a fight into your favor since you have some invincibility after you’ve been tossed out of the shell.

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Written by Andrew Smith