Moss Book Ii for Playstation vr Gets an Official Release Date

Quill, the heroine of Moss Book II, in the Foundry level.
Photo Credit: Polyarc Games

The Seattle-based indie developer Polyarc Games has announced that its forthcoming sequel, Moss Book II, will arrive for PlayStation VR on March 31st.

The original Moss, was made by several veterans from series such as Destiny, Halo, and Guild Wars (so, y’know, all the big Seattle-area games). It is generally considered one of the first “killer apps” for virtual reality. It’s been confirmed by Polyarc to have qualified as a platinum seller. This means that it moved at least 400,000 units after a year on the market. Moss also collected a few dozen award nominations in 2018 and 2019.

In Moss, you’re placed in the role of a nameless reader who’s been transported to a fantasy kingdom by discovering a magical book. While there, you end up as an assistant to Quill, a young mouse who’s on an adventure to rescue her uncle from the fire-breathing snake Sarffog.

The hook in Moss is that you don’t directly control Quill as you might in another game. Instead, the game is built around the player slowly building a partnership with her. She communities with you through sign language while you manipulate the environment around her. To put it another way: she’s Link, and you’re Navi, but you’re trying to help.

In Book II, set immediately after the previous game’s events. Quill has managed to free her uncle Argus, but now you’ve got a new problem. You’re both trapped inside the castle where Argus was being held. Now Quill is being pursued by an unnamed winged tyrant. According to Polyarc, “the shakes are higher than ever,” and the fate of Quill’s world is at stake.

Moss Book II is currently planned as an exclusive for PlayStation VR. However, the original game did eventually get ported to other platforms such as the Oculus. It’s probably safe to assume that Book II will be available everywhere eventually.

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