‘Twilight: New Moron’? 20 Movies With Hilarious Plot Twists If You Add a Random “R” the Title

Twilight, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart
Image Credit: Summit Entertainment.

While scrolling about, I found a funny thread worth sharing. Someone asked, “What movie changes its plot if you add a random “R” somewhere in its title?” Here are twenty hilarious responses.

1. Mad Max: Furry Road

One user joked, “Mad Max: Furry Road. It’s a drought desert apocalypse. The only way to conserve water and survive is to get your fursuit on!” A second added, “Would still watch. I’d think furries spraying silver paint on their mouths before doing something stupid would be entertaining.”

2. Twilight: New Moron

Twilight, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart
Image Credit: Summit Entertainment.

Twilight: New Moron. Same plot as the original, though,” one stated. Another agreed, “That doesn’t change the story much as it explains what happens.”

3. Fright Club

“Fright Club. The first rule of Fright Club: don’t talk about Fright Club. It can hear you,” joked one. Another volunteered, “It’s Fight Club, but with vampires.”

4. Beer Movie

“Beer Movie,” suggested one. “Bonus: It plays out exactly like the Bee Movie, but all the bees are anthropomorphic beer cans. No explanation is given why they are all in a beehive.” A second insisted, “Mark Wahlberg stars in this, guaranteed.”

5. RV for Vendetta

Someone said, “RV for Vendetta. A political road trip movie.” A second exclaimed, “The government should fear their people living in a VAN down by the RIVER!!”

Finally, a third joked, “Follow Robin Williams as he takes his family across the country to take on a fascist government in the family fun summer flick.”

6. Homer Alone: A Sad Simpson’s Story

“Homer Alone: A Sad Simpson‘s Story. It’s the name of an episode from the third season where Marge takes a much-needed vacation. It’s an excellent episode, adorable,” shared one.

7. A Fish Called Rwanda

“A Fish Called Rwanda, starring Don Cheadle, and the hotel has an aquarium,” one suggested. Others laughed while one noted, “For when the opposite question is asked: Hotel Wanda.”

8. The Silencer Of The Lambs

“The Silencer Of The Lambs. This time, they’re fighting back,” replied one. A Simpsons fan joked, “Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me in movies such as Silencer of the Lambs, this time, they fight back, and Silencer of the Lambs 2, this time, they fight back, again!”

9. 10 Things I Hate About Your

“10 Things I Hate About Your – the story of one man angrily explaining the difference between you’re, your, and yore,” one laughed. A second added, “This is amazing. Where’s James Cameron?” A third stated, “That’s just the Australian version.”

10. Troy Story

Troy Story. A translation of the word Iliad,” said one. However, another argued, “I was thinking more like an episode of Community that deals with Troy’s round-the-world trip.” A third replied, “You’ve NOT a friend in me.”

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11. Carrier

Someone volunteered, “Carrier. A young telekinetic girl meets the monkey from Outbreak.” A second argued, “A movie about a Protoss warship that can’t seem to fit in in American high school. The tagline for the film: Carrier has arrived.”

12. Office Spacer

“Office Spacer,” answered one. A Rom-Com about two office workers falling for each other before COVID safety measures threatened to tear their budding romance apart.”

“What happens when the plexiglass separator comes between them? The laughter will be contagious!” Another argued, “Officer Space. Investigating stolen space staplers.”

13. Krill Bill

“Krill Bill – It’s the same movie, more or less, but instead of samurai swords, they fight with swordfish,” answered one. “Same movie, but instead of people, it’s all sea creatures in the ocean. The Crazy 88 are now 11 octopuses,” a second suggested.

14. Strepbrothers

“Strepbrothers,” said one. “Plot: Get your antibiotics as fast as possible.” Another joked, “Did we just become ward mates!? YUP!” “So much room for antibodies,” a third added. Finally, someone replied, “Why are you so sweaty? – My fever broke.”

15. Beverly Hills Crop

Someone volunteered “Beverly Hills Crop, starring Cheech and Chong.” However, another argued, “It’s about a scheme to manipulate the stock market using the USDA crop report.”

16. Cartwoman

“Cartwoman,” stated one. “She’s a villain who dresses up in wood and rolls into her enemies at high speed.” A second noted, “Sounds like a surprise visit from my mother-in-law on a Sunday afternoon.”

17. Forrest Grump

Someone suggested, “Forrest Grump. Leave me alone, Jennay.”A second added, “Clint Eastwood stars as Forrest Grump. You never know what you’re going to get.”

18. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stoner

“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stoner,” joked one. “Tommy Chong plays Dumbledore, and Cheech Marin plays Snape.” A second claimed, “When Prince Harry got caught smoking weed, one of the British tabloids went with the headline “Harry Pot-head and the Philosopher’s Stoned.”

19. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusader

Someone said, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusader. It’s no longer about Indiana but rather the knight stuck in the cave guarding the grail for the last 700 years.” “I’d go and see that,” another admitted.

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20. Prayback

Finally, someone shared, “In Prayback, Porter now sits during the whole film in a church, praying for Val Resnick to bring him his $70,000 back. At the film’s end, Resnick has an epiphany and gives the money to the church, and he and Porter both become clergymen.”

What do you think? Is Reddit hilarious, or do you have a better one to add to this list? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Boss Level Gamer.


Written by Elizabeth Ervin

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