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Best Recipes in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock, Best Recipes for Food
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With 100+ recipes to select from the menus in My Time at Sandrock, cooking could initially feel overwhelming. As you start as the new Builder in Sandrock, you’ll quickly notice how essential Stamina is to your productivity. It rapidly depletes as you work, clean, and complete errands across town. This emphasizes the importance of maintaining Stamina; specific recipes can keep you afloat.

However, with so many formulas to discover in My Time at Sandrock, why don’t we simplify it to a few notable dishes? Instead of referring to dozens of unique cooking procedures, we recommend several to reference as you assemble ingredients for your recipes. Moreover, we’ll toss in a few more plates that provide health benefits in the oven, too.

Cilantro Meatloaf

My Time at Sandrock, Blue Moon Saloon
Image Credit: Focus Entertainment.

The Cilantro Meatloaf dish is a heavy sucker that mixes baked meat with the titular Spanish herb. It provides a +38 in Stamina, which is significant considering other foods with lower intakes.

You can purchase a Cilantro Meatloaf from the Blue Moon To-Go saloon for 142 Gols or instead opt to cook it yourself. Using a Chef’s Cooking Station, mix these ingredients:

  • Meat x1
  • Cilantro x1
  • Powder x1
  • Five Spice Powder x1

As a side note, the Cilantro Meatloaf is a universally neutral gift, with a +3 boost in Relationship points. We’ll mention a couple more gifts you can depend on for gifting. Although, it’s a dish best served when you’re starving, especially as you dive into any Abandoned Ruins.

Dried Sandacuda

The Dried Sandacuda preparation is one of the earliest and easiest meals you’ll put together in My Time at Sandrock. Requiring only a Drying Rack, apply two portions:

  • Sandacuda x1
  • Soy Sauce x1

One Dried Sandacuda amounts to 36+ in Stamina gain. It’s a convenient edible you can depend on when supplies run short at the Workshop. You can easily fish for Sandacudas near your home, and the Blue Moon To-Go readily sells Soy Sauce. There’s no reason to overlook the dried fish’s deliciousness when one provides enough Stamina to keep you going.

Fine Delicious Avocado

Reading these food names and recipes certainly works up an appetite for any Sandrocker. When hunger is clawing at your stomach, we send our compliments to the Fine Delicious Avocado. This quick consumable requires a chef’s expertise, so you won’t find it at any stores in My Time at Sandrock.

By accessing a Chef’s Cooking Station, a Fine Delicious Avocado requires four materials:

  • Avocado x1
  • Yakmel Milk x1
  • Garlic x1
  • Five Spice Powder x1

By ingesting the Fine Delicious Avocado, you’ll gain +41 in Stamina. While it’s enjoyed by many in My Time at Sandrock, this is another of the game’s best recipes that you should keep for a dire occasion. It’s better than rationing with Food Scraps for a tiny jump in your boot.

Mapo Tofu

My Time at Sandrock, Blue Moon to Go
Image Credit: Focus Entertainment.

If you need some spice in My Time at Sandrock, check out the Mapo Tofu recipe. Not only does it play a role in the Fragrant Memories mission, but it’s your one-way ticket to acquiring additional Stamina.

To assemble Mapo Tofo, you’ll need the following goods:

  • Soybean x1
  • Seesai Pepper x1
  • Spicy Bean Paste x1

Eating one plate of Mapo Tofu grants you +30 in Stamina, so consider fixing this tasty meal for yourself in Sandrock. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Fang, he’ll dig into this dish with a +14 increase in Relationship. When regarding the laconic Fang, gifting is imperative to winning his trust.

Fine Mushroom Forest Cake

Before we move on from Stamina-focused recipes, we’re looking at the Fine Mushroom Forest Cake in My Time at Sandrock. This meal doesn’t deliver instant gratification with its properties but provides a slow and delicious burn. By eating one, you’ll continuously garner +4 in Stamina every two seconds for 30 seconds. This amounts to +60 in Stamina, which is a worthy boost for your Builder.

With the Apprentice Cooking Station, you’ll need only three ingredients:

  • Desert Mushroom x1
  • Egg x1
  • Cistanche x1

Though a Fine Mushroom Forest Cake is a bit tougher to assemble, it’s one of the best recipes to rely on in My Time at Sandrock. While eating it without combat engagement is recommended, we can’t help but deny its promising potential when Stamina runs low.

Sweet Potato With Meat

My Time at Sandrock, Rocky with Player Character
Image Credit: Focus Entertainment.

When you’re struggling to maintain your health, sticking with edibles is vital if you’re aiming to survive outside of Sandrock. For this, we suggest going with the Sweet Potato with Meat recipe. This particular plate is ridiculously advantageous, for it bestows +17 Health Points every two seconds for 30 seconds total. Feel free to utilize a calculator, but you’re looking at +255 in Health Points.

To assemble this super meat boy, head to your Apprentice Cooking Station and gather the following foods:

  • Sweet Potato x1
  • Meat x1
  • Soy Sauce x1

While the Sweet Potato with Meat is another universally neutral item you can gift, consider its rewarding properties. No shops in Sandrock sell this dish; only you can prepare it.

Sandrice Sushi

If you’re adhering to continuous meals for health, the Sandrice Sushi recipe is another option. Mabel carries the formula, which you can purchase for a few Gols.

Once you acquire the Sandrice Sushi recipe, start up your Apprentice Cooking Station and assemble these three items:

  • Sandrice x1
  • Meat x1
  • Vinegar x1

Sure, Miguel and Owen fancy a filling of Sandrice Sushi, but the meal offers 13 Health Points every two seconds for 30 seconds. You’ll obtain +195, though it’s not the most potent plate you’ll discover in My Time at Sandrock.

Rib Gumbo

My Time at Sandrock, Nemo the Dog
Image Credit: Focus Entertainment.

Gumbo is incredibly filling in our world, and My Time at Sandrock presents a hefty recipe for its Rib Gumbo dinner.

Using an Apprentice Cooking Station, toss into the pot these foods:

  • Rib Meat x1
  • Rice x1
  • Avocado x1

Consume the Rib Gumbo, and you’ll receive +51 Health Points every two seconds, lasting for 30 seconds in total. 765+ in Health Points is what you’ll procure. Sandrock’s furry friend Nemo is a massive fan of this plate, with many others attaching a neutral admiration for it. Of course, it’s always up to you what you gift, yet the intake is impossible to resist.

Cilantro Omelet

Associating with Grace leads to side quests and recipes to learn. One involves the Cilantro Omelet recipe during My Time of Sandrock.

When the Cilantro Omelet recipe arrives, access your Chef’s Cooking Station and work in these ingredients:

  • Cilantro x1
  • Egg x1
  • Sea Salt x1

Instant intake administers +182 Health Points for your character. Good ole Burgess is particularly fond of the Cilantro Omelet; think of him next time you run through town interacting with fellow Sandrockers.


My Time at Sandrock, Buy New Recipes and Ingredients
Image Credit: Focus Entertainment.

Finally, we’re looking at the Mush recipe. We’re putting this item last because of its deceptive, mushy appearance. However, upon delving into the culinary arts, a Mush plate gives the player 300+ Health Points when consumed. It’s an immediate effect, too!

Luckily, the aforementioned Burgess introduces the Mush recipe during the Bring a Smile mission. Only two resources are required here:

  • Sandrice x1
  • Sea Salt x1

Not only is Mush one of the more straightforward dishes you’ll create in My Time at Sandrock, but other Sandrockers may accept it as a +2 gain in Relationships. Mush may have a special place in Burgess’ heart, but it’s better suited for your stomach.


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