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NBA 2K20 MyPlayer No Name | Why doesn’t MyPlayer have a name?

NBA 2K20 MyPlayer No Name

Perhaps one of the most popular features in NBA 2K20 is the MyPlayer mode. With MyPlayer, you can customize your own player, design him to your likeness, and even give him your name. However, it seems that there is NBA 2K20 MyPlayer no name bug that is causing some players not to display their custom name. So, what doesn’t your MyPlayer have a name?

NBA 2K20 MyPlayer No Name | Change my MyPlayer name

NBA 2K20 MyPlayer No Name

As one might expect, it’s kind of annoying when one of a games most popular features allows you to create a custom player, but then doesn’t work properly. Players are taking to Reddit to discuss the NBA 2K20 MyPlayer no name bug, and it seems there are a handful of people having this issue.

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Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of official statement by 2K about a fix for the issue. Some Redditors have said that they contacted support and 2K assured them that they’d look into the issue, but there hasn’t been a timetable given for the fix.

Ironically, this issue isn’t unknown to longtime NBA 2K players. In fact, last year’s version of the game had the same issue, but you could work your way around it by changing your MyPlayer name.

Essentially, the trick was to create a new MyPlayer and then once you got back into the Neighborhood, you could switch back to your main player, and that would fix the MyPlayer no name issue. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for NBA 2K20. 

Some players have completely deleted their MyPlayer and gone back through to recreate him. It seems they have had some luck there, but you’ll have to play through the length story again if you choose this option. Plus, there is no guarantee that the NBA 2K20 MyPlayer no name bug will be fixed the second time around. It seems like the best option is to just wait for an official fix from 2K.

Written by Andrew Smith