NBA 2K23: Learning To Dribble – Learn How To Master Dribbling

NBA 2K23 is slowly coming to the consumers and it surely is getting a lot of hype! With the newest updates and mechanics, players can’t wait to try out the game and see how they will perform against AI or other players. Knowing how to dribble will surely help you win a lot of spots in all NBA tournaments!

This guide will show you how to dribble in NBA 2K23!

Learning to Dribble – Learn How to Master Dribbling

With the newest NBA 2K23 released. The latest and greatest update is the speed that will be required for players to do in order to dribble efficiently and effectively.

Developers have stated that “Switchback gestures will now perform dedicated signature double cross and hesitation cross combo moves that you can assign as part of the Moving Crossover signature package – which has grown from 15 options to 28.”

Every successful shoot comes with a dribble.

With the new speed registration, you can now pass balls much quicker between your teammates and move a lot faster due to the better controller registration.

Sidestepping will be a common move here due to the high-speed controller response. Ankles will be broken for sure!

Written by Borut Udovic

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