Netflix Wants to Get More Involved in the Gaming Industry

Netflix Gaming Division
Photo Credit: Netflix

Netflix wants to get more involved in the gaming industry. The company is reportedly examining different avenues that could expand upon it’s current offerins. The company is already known for bringing to production the long-awaited Castlevania series along with The Withcher.

A report from The Information claims that Netflix has been examining various levels of production, distributions, sales, and rentals of video games and video game-inspired productions.

Netflix has also gone in the opposite direction, producing Stranger Things before turning to BonusXP to create a tie-in game for the Nintendo Switch.

The streaming company has proven for years now that it can rapidly expand its userbase while simultaneously maintaining a strong network for streams that now support up to 4K. Could a Stadia-style offering be on the horizon? Could the company jump head first into game development? Only time will tell.


Written by Boss Level Gamer

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