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New Back 4 Blood Trailer Reveals the Cards System

Back 4 Blood

Gameplay footage from Back 4 Blood is finally here, courtesy of a new trailer from developers Turtle Rock Studios. The trailer hints at the enemy types available, as well as introducing the Cards System.

The Card System is a game mechanic managed by a character named The Director. At the start of each round, the Director deals out Corruption Cards. These modify each round of Back 4 Blood differently, ranging from weather effects, time limits, or unique enemy types. After this, players get to use their own set of Cards, which function very similarly to perks. Randomly chosen by the AI, they are also customisable on the player’s loadout screen. The trailer shows off a few example Cards, including increased stamina and increased health regeneration.

The trailer also reveals several new enemy types that players will encounter. From the poisonous Blighted Ridden to the armored Riot Swarm, enemy variety is crucial in Back 4 Blood. Taking advantage of the game’s progression system, new Cards are unlockable as the story progresses. These carry higher stat boosts and weapon advantages than base Cards. To pay for them, players use Supply Points earned during rounds. They can also be spent on unlocking new weapons and camos, ranging from gold plating to wacky pineapple-based décor.

The trailer promises that “no playthrough feels the same as the last,” thanks to the random selection of Corruption Cards in each round. The Player Cards also introduce strategy to playthroughs. Teams can either focus on offensive Cards, like weapon upgrades or mods, or more defensive health boost Cards. The trailer ends by showing just how varied a game of Back 4 Blood can be, promising plenty of replayability in the future.

Back 4 Blood will release on October 12, on all major consoles and PC. As the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, expectations are high – but this trailer will certainly increase expectations.

Written by Andrew Smith