New Tales From The Borderlands: Where To Find Juniper

New Tales from the Borderlands introduces us to a new setting and characters in the Borderlands universe, one of whom is Paco. In one part of the game, his beloved ratch, Juniper, has gone missing and he asks the player to go find her.

Juniper can be found behind a cracked wall right next to Radon. You can talk to Radon and convince him to help you get her out.

Where To Find Juniper – New Tales From The Borderlands

After talking to Paco you can explore the area and see a cracked wall. Upon inspecting this wall, you will hear noises behind it, possibly noises made by Juniper.

However, you can’t crack open this wall by yourself and will need help.

Luckily, next to the wall is Radon, an explosives expert. He initially won’t notice you so you will have to interrupt his current business call by interacting with him.

After a bit of dialogue and convincing from Octavio, Radon will throw an explosive at the wall and open it for you.

Juniper will scurry out of the newly formed opening and run into Octavio. You can then return to Paco and reunite him with Juniper.

Paco will thank you and give you a couple of useful apps.

Written by Borut Udovic

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