New World: AFK | How Long Is The AFK Timer?

With the problems that New World faced, and indeed, Amazon Game Studios with servers, its unreasonable to hold any grudge against players that try to stay in-game as long as possible. But exactly how long are we talking about? Well, it seems like New World has a pretty unforgiving AFK timer.

How Long Is The AFK Timer in New World?

Recent reports show that New World has an AFK timer of 20 minutes. Once the timer runs out, players will be kicked from the server. Further disciplinary actions aren’t taken.

By unforgiving, I meant a pretty short AFK timer. It is easy to see why Amazon Game Studios opted in for such a short timer though. Other similar MMORPGs have much longer AFK timers, and in well-known titles, it is even more than a couple of hours.

This is to say that the well-known “stand at your usual spot” thing which has characterized RPGs over the years isn’t a possibility in this game.

Before the update in October 2021, New World had a longer AFK timer of 25 minutes. But because of the appalling performance from the servers, the timer was changed to 20 minutes.

On top of that, the developers have made apparent efforts into detecting AFK bots. “AFK Bots” are essentially bots which can are regularly used to avoid getting kicked due to being AFK. As many New World players know, this is a big deal in this game.

But as I said, the developers have made efforts into detecting any type of simulated movement of the mouse and/or keys.

As things get more back to normal or I should say, more stable, on the server-side, I suspect the AFK timer will get prolonged like most MMORPGs, but this is pure speculation, and by no means an actual fact.

Written by Borut Udovic

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