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In addition, Armoring has some advantages that will allow you to easily farm gold from the beginning of the game to level 60. We will talk about these advantages later in our article. Let’s look at the details of Armoring craftsmanship together.

What Is Armoring?

Armoring is a crafting skill focused on crafting a variety of armors. You use the various resources you obtain by collecting or melting them to produce higher level armors. The Armoring profession has 200 levels in total. A new armor will be unlocked that you can craft at each level. However, it is difficult to level because it requires a lot of resource diversity for production. Since it will take time to collect these resources, we advise you to think again, as you will level up your Armoring profession.

Armors are made at the Forge. However, some armors are also made at the Outfitting Station. You’ll need a high Tier level Forge or Outfitting Station to craft the armor you need. And this is completely up to your settlement’s development. If your settlement don’t require the necessary Tier level that is needed for the armor that needs to crafted, you should go to another settlement’s Forge or O.S to complete your crafting.

Relation of Armoring with Other Professions

Armoring works in parallel with more than one profession. Harvesting and Mining, which are especially collecting professions, are indispensable for the Armoring profession. In short, it is very difficult for you to level up in Armoring without improving the level of the professions below.

  • Skinning
  • Harvesting
  • Mining
  • Smelting
  • Weaving
  • Leatherworking

As you can see, mastering all these professions can take weeks. At this point, our recommendation is that you can benefit from the Trading Post by using the in-game economy rather than using all the professions in parallel. Especially the leveling guide section that we have explained below will help you.

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Settlements and Crafting Stations

One of the tricks in your armor production is the high tier level of the crafting stations in your settlement where you will produce armor. If the tier has not risen to level 5, it will be very difficult and very costly for you to increase your profession to 200 level. Therefore, check the tier levels in your settlement before you start leveling Armoring.

Another point is that you can use two crafting stations for armor production.

  • Forge – Heavy armors
  • Outfitting Station – Light and Medium armors

Armoring Leveling Guide

Our leveling guide will consist of 3 stages in total. At each stage, we will explain in detail the amount of material you need and where to collect these materials.

Starter Leveling(0-50): First of all, we would like to point out that our recommendation is to save time and achieve the fastest result. That’s why our main material is Fiber. Since the beginner levels are always the easiest, you can increase your Armoring level to 50 with a 10-minute farm. At this point, we do not prefer to recommend a specific farm location.

The materials you need are as follows;

594 Linen – 2,376 Fibers

324 Coarse Leather – 1,296 Rawhide

27 Iron ingot – 108 Iron Ore

You need to go to the Outfitting Station in your settlement and produce a total of 27 “Linen Dress”. As you can see, the process at the beginner level is extremely simple.

Intermediate Leveling(50-100): After this point, you have to spend a little more effort now. Because the number of materials requested has increased too much. Especially since we are building our leveling style on fiber, we will need tens of thousands of fibers. For now, all you have to do is go to the Outfitting Station after reaching level 50 and produce “Sateen Gloves”.

The list of materials you need to farm is as follows;

1,280 Sateen – 5,120 Linen – 20,480 Fibers – 1,280 Crossweave

1,280 Coarse Leather – 5,120 Rawhide

320 Iron Ingot – 1,280 Iron Ore

After procuring these materials, you need to produce a total of 320 Sateen Gloves. Then your level will increase to 100.

Advanced Leveling(100-200): Did you think you had a hard time after seeing the intermediate level? If you think about it, you won’t even want to look at these levels. Because you will need hundreds of thousands of materials. You may want to buy some from the Trading Post as the farming process will be extremely tedious. However, farming is not impossible, it will just take some time. The item you need after level 100 is Linen Shirt. You should produce approximately 4,248 pieces of this armor.

The list of materials you need to farm is as follows;

93,456 Linen – 373,824 Fibers

50,976 Coarse Leather – 203,904 Raw Hide

4,248 Iron Ingot – 16,992 Iron Ore

As you can see, you need hundreds of thousands of materials. It may take you weeks to collect these items. That’s why we recommend that you think carefully about which profession you want to master before you start leveling.

Farm Locations

You saw that you need hundreds of thousands of resources for crafting operations. But don’t let this scare you right away. We will suggest some specific spots where you can farm thousands of resources hourly. When you go that locations, you will easily get the resources you need and besides, you will increase your gathering skills at the same time.


Depending on your speed, the features of your sickle, and your other bonuses, your picking amount will change. However, in the region we recommend, you can collect an average of 10,000 – 15,000 fibers per hour. This area is quieter than the others and is a low-level mob spot. So no matter how many levels you are, you can come and farm comfortably.

The area we marked in red is right next to Windsward Castle. You can easily see it by opening your map. We recommend that you create a route for yourself while farming, otherwise the first Herbs you collect may not be respawn when you return to the beginning.

Note: Try to farm at night as much as possible, although it varies depending on the region you are playing. Because other players will farm with you, the amount of resources you will collect hourly may decrease. So prefer late hours for the farm.


Now we strongly recommend that you farm the area we will recommend quickly. Because there is a high probability of nerfing in any update that may come. You can collect more than 11,000 rawhides per hour in the area we have shown on the map. The level of mobs in this region is between 30-40. Therefore, if your character’s level is 50 or higher, you can farm much more quickly. Another point is that it can be really difficult to find this area empty. Therefore, it may be better if you farm late, just like we recommend in fiber farm.

The area we recommend is around a castle in the middle of the Cutlass Keys. You should be skinning around and inside this castle by cutting the wolves called “Lusthunt Pointer”.

Note: You can also use this area to farm gold.

Tips: Making Money By Making Bags

Let’s say you have increased your Armoring level to between 100-200. You may ask yourself what do I gain from this? Currently, most of the players who have increased their Armoring level sell them by making bags. Especially making and selling Tier 4 and Tier 5 level bags brings good profit and sells fast.

Layered Leather Bag

This bag is Tier 4 and adds +225 capacity to your inventory in total. Especially people with character level 45 and above buy this bag. Although it requires easy materials to craft, your Armoring level must be 150 to craft. Finally, you can craft this item from the Outfitting Station.

Crafting Requirements

45x Layered Leather

25x Linen

10x Iron Ingot

1x Greater Rune of Holding

Infused Leather Bag

It is a Tier 5 level bag that you can use after level 60. It is difficult to craft. Because you need to have increased the level of more than one profession. We recommend using high-level mines and resources when crafting such bags. This way you can get a bag with higher GS.

Crafting Requirements

45x Infused Leather

25x Linen

10x Iron Ingot

1x Grand Rune of Holding

Note: Where to find Rune of Holdings? You can get these products by going to the Faction Shop in your settlement. However, as you know in the Faction Shop, there are some locks according to the tier level. That’s why you should make your faction level “Cabalist” before you start making these bags.

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