New World: Bearer Of Bad Tidings Quest Guide

A Watcher by the name of Leyson Reese has witnessed the horrors of the Corruption and wishes to deliver a message to Everfall. But leaving his post would put the area in a vulnerable position, and he seeks your help.

This mission starts at the Everfall outskirts by talking to Watcher Reese. All you have to do is walk over to Everfall and deliver his message to Avita Maecia.

Here is a guide on the Bearer Of Bad Tidings quest in New World.

Bearer Of Bad Tidings Quest Guide – New World

Bearer of Bad Tidings is a Main Story Quest that starts with Leyson Reese.

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He wishes to deliver a report to Everfall himself, however he can’t leave his watching duties unattended. He wants you to deliver a message to Constable Maecia in his stead.

From Reese’s location, follow the path eastward. Constable Maecia can be found in the Town Hall at Everfall. There will be many Turkeys and other low level enemies on the way there. You can fight them for resources or simply ignore them.

It’s a very straight path heading to Everfall. You can also take a look at your map if you want to see how close you are.

Head to the Town Hall once you arrive at Everfall Village. Constable Maecia will be on the first floor by the fireplace. Talk to her to deliver the message and the quest will be finished.

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