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New World Best Faction | Which Should You Join?

New World Best Faction Guide

After a couple of rounds of beta testing, New World is finally here. Players are now able to fully explore Aeternum with their buddies in this anticipated MMO from Amazon Games. With this in mind, players will eventually join one of the three factions in the game. The choice is between the Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant. But is there one that you should lean toward? We took a look at the three different choices to determine which faction is the best.

What is the Best Faction in New World?

New World Which is The Best Faction

When you check servers and maps in New World, pay attention to which faction is controlling the most land. Going with that specific faction will give you the best results, since more players are inclined to fight with you. Which faction is best all depends on which faction has more land in a server — choose the one you prefer in terms of player count, territory control, and loot drops.

Otherwise, among the three factions, there’s no definite answer as to which one is the best. Each faction comes with its own set of missions, objectives, and gear. It’s really a case of personal preference based on each individual faction’s lore and style. And each obtained gear doesn’t provide any buffs to gain the upper hand in combat. It’s up to you whether you think you’d look cool in a faction’s style. And, depending on how insanely packed one side is the other, picking the more popular group might be your best bet.

The Syndicate is a secretive society that is focused on seeking forbidden knowledge. For the Marauders, they are a fierce military organization that aims to establish a free nation. And the Covenant is an order that wishes to cleanse the land of evil in order to bring justice. As aforesaid, each faction comes with its distinctive set of missions and gear. So, it all falls on you whether you’d be a perfect fit for any one of the three.

Of course, when you have a faction that features more players than the other, that’s where things sort of flip. Whichever faction is reigning absolute supreme dominance over territory, that faction is, without a doubt, the best to go with. The more control one faction has over a piece of land, the more likely chance of obtaining more loot becomes apparent. However, if you wish to switch factions, you can do so every 120 days for an Azoth fee.

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Written by Andrew Smith