New World: Can’t Roll, Dodge Or Jump (Solution)

So, on your adventures in New World, you’ve come across an issue that wasn’t previously apparent: You can’t roll, nor dodge, nor jump. What’s the deal? Is this a bug, or a core gameplay functionality implemented in the game. Well, it might be one or the other. To troubleshoot which one it is, we’ll go through Equip Load and different types of armor.

Equip Load

NOTE: If you’re already aware of Equip Load, what it is, and that this isn’t the cause of the issue, skip this part.

First things first, equip load. Most of New World players are already aware of what this is, but to those that aren’t: Equip Load is the weight that will add up with each individual equipment piece.

In fact, all items that can be equipped in New World have a set amount of weight or equip load.

The general gist is: If your equipment load is too high, you character might not be able to roll, jump dodge, or hop dodge. The equip load has three different states, and can be observed on the left side of the player’s inventory.

The three states include: Light, Normal, or Heavy, and consequently, there are three types of armor: Light, Normal, and Heavy.

Depending on which state your equip load is, your character will perform a different dodge mechanic. Here are the dodge types and the equip load for them:

  • Roll Dodge – 0-13 Equip Load / Light Load
  • Jump Dodge – 13-23 Equip Load / Medium Load
  • Hop Dodge – Above 23 Equip Load / Heavy Load

All of this is to say that your equipment weight plays a crucial role into how your character moves or dodges. All three have different perks and weaknesses, but all in all, if you have a very heavy load, your character might have a lot of movement restrictions.

Can’t Roll, Dodge Or Jump – Bug In New World

In some cases where carrying weight and equipment load isn’t relatively heavy, players might still run into the same issue where they can’t jump, dodge, roll, or more. What’s the cause then?

Well, it seems like a large number of New World players have run into this issue, and everything points towards this being an underlying bug within the game.

But thanks to the ingenuity of some New World players, there are ways to fix this:

Method #1

The first way is to simply spawn in another city or the same one using the game menu. In some cases, you might have to try this multiple times before the issue goes away for good.

Method #2

The second way is also very simple. Many players from the New World community noted that if a player experiences this bug, one way to get rid of it or “fix” it is to restart the game completely.

Wrapping Up

We’ve come to the conclusion that restrictions when moving or dodging can be caused by multiple reasons. Make sure your equip load is lower than the maximum amount, and if it is, you’ve likely come across a bug which can be fixed by spawning in another city or restarting the game.

Written by Borut Udovic

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