New World: Collect Windsward Heirloom Brooch From The Aberration | Between Settlements

One of those complicated quests is the Between Settlements quest. It is not like the quest is complicated per se, but collecting the Windsward Heirloom Brooch is an objective that players get stuck on. Problem is, not many know which enemies to hunt down of from what the Windsward Heirloom Brooch has to be obtained. We have the solution for this though!

Collect Windsward Heirloom Brooch From The Aberration – New World

On top of defeating 10 Blackpicks, players will need to find the “Aberration” enemy. It spawns in a couple of different places at Mines De Miclot, but some are more likely spawns.

Typically, the Aberration can be found at the entrance to the mines in Mines De Miclot. The entrance to the mines looks like the following:

However, there will be a barrier here. You’ll need to break it down in order to enter this area. Once you do, you’ll see Aberration really close to the entrance, so be careful.

It isn’t as though this mini-boss is the strongest of enemies, but it does pack a punch, so keep your distance. When you do defeat the Aberration, you’ll need to defeat those 10 Blackpicks if you haven’t yet.

Also, there is a chance that you won’t get the Windsward Heirloom Brooch from the Aberration on the first try. Seems like the drop rates vary and as of this moment, they’re unknown.

But still, Between Settlements is still an easy relatively early game quest. It is just that the Aberration is tricky to locate.

Written by Borut Udovic

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