New World: Defeat Ancient Guardian Regent Guide & Location

The quest in question is the “Researcher’s Request” quest, and the main reason why players get stuck on it is because the monster they have to defeat is the ancient guardian regent, while the enemy that appears in that location has a completely different name. That is where all the confusion stems from, but we will go over its location and who is actually this ancient guardian regent creature.

Defeat Ancient Guardian Regent Guide & Location – New World

This isn’t a bounty quest like most would assume though. It is part of the main story-line, a quest which will be given to players by William Heron from the Everfall Settlement.

The location for the ancient guardian regent is the Ancient Ruins of Arcturus. More specifically, these ruins:

When you get to this spot, enter the ruins, and continue going straight. What you will need to do is reach the second level of this building, at which, you’ll find the ancient guardian regent.

But this guardian, is actually named Arcturian Regent. That is why so many players struggle to find him and defeat him, because of the different name.

On a side note, his name is actually in the quest description, but the objective isn’t written straightforwardly. Beating the Arcturian Regent alone is difficult even if you’re the same level.

I suggest teaming up with some buddies if you can, if not, wait for some other players to come to the same spot, which happens quite often in New World.

Written by Borut Udovic

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