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New World Peppercorn | Where to Find

New World Peppercorn Where to Find

New World offers more than just fighting and crafting. You can also cook different foods, and one of the most critical ingredients is Peppercorn. Pepper is highly sought-after for the many beneficial properties it gives to food dishes, and we’re here to tell you the best places for you to find it.

Where to Find Peppercorn in New World

Where to Find Peppercorn in New World

You can identify herbs in New World easily, as they are tall, grass-like bunches with small purple leaves on them. However, these purple bunches can be any herb, as there are no distinct designs among the variations. Herbs are found in practically any location, but whether or not it’s Peppercorn is just a matter of luck. Fortunately, your chances of finding Peppercorn specifically when herb-picking are better in certain areas of the game.

Monarch’s Bluffs has plentiful Peppercorns among its herbs. The chances of it dropping in this region are much higher than most. This is also true among the areas South of Bayhowl Burrow, North of the East end of the Settlement and South of Devil’s Quarry. It is also more common in the neighboring regions of Windsward and Everfall, although there are many more herb-picking spots in the central and Southern parts of Windsward.

Of course, before you can start picking herbs, you will first need a crafted Harvesting Sickle. This can be made very early on with just some flint and wood. Once you got this equipped in your tool slot, you’re ready to go foraging!

Peppercorn is used in a multitude of cooking dishes that span both low and higher levels of the skill. Its versatility makes it popular, and the sheer amount of dishes that use it demand you keep a healthy supply.

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Written by Andrew Smith