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New World Rivercress | Where to Find Stem, Leaf, & Flower

New World Rivercress

As you explore the universe of New World, you are going to notice the amazing resources that you can collect. From ores to plants, collecting and refining resources are critical parts of the experience. Perhaps the most popular plant in the game right now is Rivercress. If you’re wondering why this popular plant is getting so much attention, learn all about it in this quick guide!

Where to Find Rivercress in New World

New World Rivercress
Rivercress grows near water, specifically near waterfalls and rivers. The two areas that seems to have the highest quantity of Rivercress right now are Windsward and Everfall, and the rivers or waterfalls nearby. In order to gather this plant, you’ll need a Sickle with 30 Harvesting. If you want to find this plant more easily, you’re going to need 200 Harvesting.

30 Harvesting is what you need to gather the plant in the first place; 200 is only needed to track Rivercress on your map. That’ll make it’s somewhat random spawns much easier to locate! Until you get to that point, look for the glowing, teal plant alongside the waterfront of rivers and waterfalls.

Unfortunately, you won’t only get the fantastic Stem from the Rivercress harvest. The non-rare drops of water motes, wisps, essences, and quintessences will come more often. However, you will often get the Rivercress Stem, Leaf, and Flower.

The Rivercress Stem is notable for granting the Life Leech perk to an item it is crafted into. Life Leech is great, since a little health recovery during a fight can mitigate a ton of accumulated damage.

All three of the crafting materials will give you a chance to get Life Leech on your item; the Stem is the most common, and the one you’re most likely to get during the closed beta. Make sure to invest 100 Azoth in your gear crafting to increase your chance to get Life Leech!

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Written by Andrew Smith