New World Skinning and Tracking Guide

All the resources you get through Skinning are used in other professions such as Armoring, Cooking and most importantly Leatherworking.

Skinning is one of the easiest Gathering professions to level when farmed in the right place. If you want to progress in the Refining profession Leatherworking, you must improve your Skinning skills. In this article, we will introduce you in detail how you can increase your Skinning level the fastest, where you can farm best, and a few tips.

What is Skinning?

This Skinning profession allows you to track animals in the wilderness and, as the name suggests, skin them. It is also a Gathering skill used to obtain animal hides, which are also used as ingredients for Crafting and Refining recipes. After you skin creatures, you get animal hides and transform them into higher-layered leather pieces. And that profession is called Leatherworking. In this way, you can craft high quality items and get things that can help you in many parts of the game.

You can get various animal hides by killing a few powerful creatures like Boar, Elk, Wolves. These animals are found in various parts of the map according to their Tier level. There are also specific farm places, but you should also try to kill and skin every animal you see. Higher level Skinning players also develop a keen sense of tracker, which is useful for tracking such animals in the wild. So you can go after rarer and higher level animals. There are several ways you can quickly skin farm, which we will teach you in the rest of the article.

How to Level Up Skinning and Tracking

With the Leatherworking profession, you may need different animal hides for each Leather you want to craft. Therefore, after a certain level, you must hunt different animals and try to drop hides from them. If you are at the beginning of the game, it will be very easy to get the basic resource called Rawhide. However, it will take some effort to get advanced hides.

But first you need to know that you cannot track and skin every animal at every level. For this, you must have reached a certain level of Skinning and Tracking. And for each Territory, the Tier level of animals will vary, meaning the Skinning level required to skin an Elk will not be the same in Brightwood and Windsward. Therefore, your level must be sufficient to be able to Skinning in areas that require high levels.

Here are the Levels required to track the animals you can hunt:

BeastRequired Tracking Level
Small Prey (Rabbit and Turkey)25
Medium Prey (Boar)50
Large Prey (Bison, Elk)75
Small Predators (Wolves)100
Large Predators (Alligators, Bears, Lions)175

1. Beginner Level Skinning:

Regardless of which Settlement you start the game in, the best area where you can do Skinning up to level 25 is the area where the Boars are. Here you can quickly farm your Skininning Level. You can kill the Boars that constantly respawn around the Watchtower, where you start the game. Also, kill any animal you find whenever you can. Thus, you can quickly increase your Skinning level both while doing your main quests and doing your side quests. Since the Boars in Windsward are low level, you can easily kill them with one or two hits and skin them.

2. Medium Level Skinning:

Now you have to go to different regions and level up faster in order to farm at level 25 and beyond. Wolves around Inkwell Cave, located just to the right of the Windsward Settlement, respawn quickly and you can increase your Skinning by killing them quickly. After leveling up here for a while and reaching Level 55 Skinning, you can go to slaughter the Sierra Wild Cats in the Cutlass Keys region. It might be a little hard to kill, but they provide 451 points every time you skin one of them, making you level up your Tracking & Skinning skill really fast. Do not forget that your skill level of Tracking & Skinning must be level 55 for you to be able to skin them.

3. Advanced Level Skinning:

You can reach the max Skinning level very quickly by killing the creatures called Lushhunt Pointer that require high level and gear level. But we advise you to be careful as this area and creatures require quite a high level. There are plenty of Lushhunt Pointers around Balmy Veldt, and they respawn very quickly.

It is located in the area where the castle of the Cutlass Keys Hamlet Settlement is located.

In addition, the level of the creatures you need to kill is also important according to the skin you are looking for.

Hide TypeLevel Required
RawhideAnimals in 0-30 level zones
Thick HideAnimals in 35-45 level zones
Iron HideAnimals in 45-60 level zones

Types of Animal Hides In New World

If you want to produce Leathers of different qualities, you need to gather more than one Animal Hide, both at the advanced and beginner level. These Hides drop from creatures of different rank and have different rarity levels. You will need all Hides to advance your Leather production.


Rawhide is the easiest to gather and you can get it at the beginning of the game. You can gather from most low level zones, including the start zone. It drops from every creature in 0-30 Level zones. To begin progressing in the Leatherworking profession, you must first be able to produce Coarse Leather. And it takes a lot of Rawhide to craft this Leather. This Hide has no specific location, you can generally get it by farming creatures in zones 0-30.

Thick Hide

This hide, which you can get in the middle of the game, is dropped from creatures located in Level 35-45 zones. Creatures on the Restless Shore are especially great for farming Thick Hide. Also, Bobcats and Sandhoof Elks drop this type of hide when skinned. Thick Hide is used to make Layered Leather, a Tier 4 Leather. In other words, we can say that it is a very important resource for midgames.

Iron Hide

As you get closer to the end of the game, you can drop Iron Hide, a resource you will need, from creatures in 45-60 level zones. Usually various animals in the level +50 zones have Iron Hide. You use Iron Hide in crafting Infused Leather, which is a Tier 5 item.


A hide used to craft Runic Leather, a Tier 5 resource. It is a Legendary item that you can obtain from creatures in high level regions, but it is very difficult to drop. But without this item, you cannot produce Runic Leather, which is one of the endgame items. So this item is very important.


This is a Tier 5 level valuable Legendary item used in the making of Runic Leather. You cannot craft Runic Leather without obtaining this item. This item is of great importance like Scarhide.

Type of Meats in New World

Just as the Skinning profession is very related to Leatherworking, it is also one of the cornerstones of the Cooking profession. You need a lot of meat to progress in the Cooking profession and learn new recipes. And these meats are provided to you by the Skinning profession. You also get the meat of any creature you skin.

Venison: Gathered by skinning elks.

Red Meat: Gathered by skinning cows, sheeps, churros, wolves, goats etc.

Pork: Gathered by skinning boars and pigs.

Game Meat: Gathered by skinning rabbits.

Poultry: Gathered by skinning turkeys.

Tender Wolf Loin: Gathered by skinning wolves

Pork Belly: Gathered by skinning boars.

Rich Bear Flank: Gathered by skinning bears.

The Best Ways To Do Fast Skinning

Although the Skinning profession seems a bit tiring, it is actually a Gathering profession that is very easy to level when you farm in the right place with the right helpful tools. In order to obtain the hides necessary to craft Runic Leather, which is one of the end-game items, you must level up quickly and improve. We have some helpful information that can make this process easier for you.

Skinning Knife

If you want to level up quickly in Skinning and Leatherworking, a good Skining Knife is a must. These knives will give you Gathering Speed quite a lot for the Tier level. Therefore, be careful to use the fastest knife that the game offers you as long as your level is enough.

Flint Skinning Knife:

100% Gather Speed

Crafting Requirements

1 Flint

1 Green Wood

Engineering Skill Lv. 0

Description: By obtaining this knife, which is very easy to craft in the early stages of the game, you can increase your Skinning level from the very first moment. You can use it up to 10-15 Level.

Iron Skinning Knife:

125% Gather Speed

Crafting Requirements

7 Iron Ingot

2 Timber

1 Coarse Leather

Workshop Tier 2

Engineering Skill Lv. 0

Description: After Level 10, you should start using this knife instead of Flint. While there isn’t much of a noticeable difference in your gathering speed, it’s a step towards improvement. Use this up to level 20.

Steel Skinning Knife:

250% Gathering Speed

Crafting Requirements

8 Steel Ingot

2 Timber

1 Coarse Leather

Workshop Tier 3

Engineering Skill Lv. 50

Description: When you get this knife, which is almost two and a half times the quality of Iron, you will notice the change in your speed as you farm the Skinning profession. But in order to craft this item, you need to be at Engineering level 50. You can buy it from Trading Post instead. You can start using it after level 20.

Starmetal Skinning Knife:

%400 Gather Speed

Crafting Requirements

9 Starmetal Ingot

2 Timber

1 Coarse Leather

Workshop Tier 4

Engineering Skill Lv. 100

Description: In order to craft this item, your Engineering level must be quite high. This item is very difficult to craft as it contains Starmetal Ingot. If you are not sufficent, you can buy it from Trading Post. You must be level 40 to wear this item.

Orichalcum Skinning Knife:

%625 Gather Speed

Crafting Requirements

10 Orichalcum Ingot

2 Timber

1 Coarse Leather

Workshop Tier 5

Engineering Skill Lv. 150

Description: If you are able to craft this item, you have finished the game. For this item, which contains Orichalcum, one of the most difficult items to obtain in the game, you also need to have 150 level Engineering. So if you want to benefit from the extremely high Gathering Speed of this item, you should know that you have to put in a lot of effort. Also, you need to be level 60 to wear this item.

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Territory Standing Reputation

If you want to do Skinning quickly and at the same time increase the speed of your other Gathering skills, this way is very ideal for you. As you stand in a region and do quests, you increase your Reputation level in that region. And that gives you Territory points. These are three different boosts that you must choose randomly.

Each time you earn points, you must choose one of these three. This can also be Gathering Speed Boost depending on your luck. Every time you earn points, if this feature appears, you can increase your Gathering Speed considerably by selecting it.

Holding More Weight

If you need to return immediately when your bag is full when you leave the Settlement for Skinning, there is a way you can prevent this a little bit. There are some potions in the game to increase your encumbrance amount for a period of time. Thanks to these potions, maybe you can farm a little more and bring back to your Settlement when you collect more items.

Strong Encumbrance Potion

Increases the weight limit you carry in your inventory by +50. The usage time is 120 seconds.

Powerful Encumbrance Potion

Increases inventory carrying capacity by +75 Weight. Duration time is 150 seconds.

Infused Encumbrance Potion

With this potion, +100 more will be added to your inventory capacity. Duration time is 180 seconds.


Weak Proficiency Booster: The amount of items you obtain in your Skinning gatherings is increased by 5%. It is effective for 10 minutes.

Common Proficiency Booster: Increases the amount of resources obtained after the same gathering by 7%. Its effect lasts only 15 minutes.

Strong Proficiency Booster: The amount of items obtained in your Skinning farms is increased by 10%. The usage time continues for 20 minutes.

Powerful Proficiency Booster: The same rate increases by 15%. You will be under the effect of the potion for 30 minutes.


While this is not for everyone, Skinning is an easier job for someone who plays Dexterity because their Dex Stats have buffs specific to Skinning. Other stats also have buffs for other professions. If you are a Dex player, such as Spear, Musket, Rapier, Bow, Hatchet and Sword/Shield, you should definitely focus on Skinning because it provides many extra features including Gathering speed.

50+10% skinning speed
100+20% haste for 3 seconds after skinning
150-10% decrease in weight of skinned items
200+10% skinning speed
250+10% yield increase when skinning
300Guaranteed crit after dodge roll (once per 10s); ammo has 15% chance of being returned

Increasing Your Luck

The Luck system in the game affects your drops to be more valuable and rare. So the higher your lucky percentage, the more rare items you can drop. This affects both bosses, Gathering and opening chests. Now let’s learn together how we can increase this Luck factor.

Food Buffs

Some food in the game are one of the ways to improve your chances at rare items while Skinning and for other Gathering professions in New World. As your luck increases, you can get more useful items while Skinning. Finally, some food here may not appear in the kitchen. This is because the recipe for the food has not yet been discovered. Here are the foods that give the Luck buff for Skinning:

Roasted Carrots:

Increases your character’s Luck by 1000 for 20 minutes. You can use it from Level 1.

Crafting List

1 Carrot

1 Honey

1 Nutmeg

Herb-Roasted Carrots:

Increases your character’s Luck by 1400 for 25 minutes. You can use it from Level 5.

Crafting List

1 Carrot

1 Water

1 Garlic

1 Peppercorn

Carrot Soup:

You increase your character’s Luck by 1700 for 30 minutes. You can use it from level 20.

Crafting List

1 Carrot

1 Water

1 Seasoning Blend

1 Cooking Oil

1 Paprika

Vegetable Boil:

Increases your character’s Luck by 1900 for 35 minutes. You can consume it from level 40.

Crafting List

1 Carrot

1 Cabbage

1 Water

1 Nut

1 Cauliflower

1 Cooking Oil

Savory Fish Cake:

Increases your character’s Luck by 2000 for 60 minutes. You can use it when you reach level 60.

Crafting List

1 Carrot

1 Fish Fillet

1 Seasoning Blend

1 Garlic

1 String Bean

1 Butter

1 Rosemary


You can also use Skinner’s Charm to increase the chance of more rare drops when you are Skinning. This is very helpful and there are currently 5 Skinning charms in the game.

  • Steel Skinner’s Charm – 3%-9.4% more Skinning experience
  • Starmetal Skinner’s Charm – 2%-9.3% increased chance at finding rare items
  • Orichalcum Skinner’s Charm – 0%-19% increased yield while skinning


These are the currently available perks you can add to your Skinning Knife or other items when crafting.

Skinning LuckSkinning KnifeWhile Skinning gain 2.0%-9.3% chance at finding rare items.
Skinning YieldSkinning KnifeSkinning yields 10.0%-19.0% more resources.
Tanner’s DisciplineSkinning KnifeGain 3.0%-9.4% more Skinning experience
Reinforced Skinning LuckArmorWhile Skinning gain 2.0%-5.0% chance at finding rare items.
Adored Skinning LuckAmuletWhile Skinning gain 5.0%-9.5% chance at finding rare items.

Housing Trophies

If you have a house, there are 3 Trophies you can place in your house. These will passively provide you with Skinning Luck. You can craft them with Furnishing. These trophies will give a significant Skinning Luck increase and will allow you to drop rarer items while skinning animals.

TrophySkinning Luck Bonus
Minor Skinning Gathering Trophy500
Basic Skinning Gathering Trophy1000
Major Skinning Gathering Trophy1500

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