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By joining the Companies in the game, you need to develop some activities with the people on your side and do tasks. And the most important thing you need to do this is the Town Project quests. Now let us explain to you in detail what it is.

What Are The Town Projects?

As you know, there are 3 different Factions that provide the management of the game. These are; Covenant, Marauders and Syndicate. By joining one of them at the very beginning of the game, you will start to fight on their side. There are 14 Settlements in the game currently. Companies affiliated to the Faction buy or invade these places and provide the management of these Settlements. Your Faction’s Settlement has some content you need to do and contribute to.

We’ll talk about the benefits you get while living in your Faction’s Settlement later. Town Projects are large-scale activities where people work together to raise and develop their Settlement. Town Projects require a significant amount of effort and investment from not only the controlling Company, but also the players.

First of all, you need to know that in order to help your Company and Faction, you need to complete the Town Project quests and donate money to the Company treasury. These quests are very important for the development of your town. The Settlement, who develops first, takes a step forward in becoming the strongest.

All The Things You Need To Know About: Town Projects

To receive Town Project quests, you must go to the Settlement’s Governor in your Faction’s Settlement and activate it. After that, you can view and complete the quests you can get by going to the Town Project Board near the Town Hall. Quests are easier than your regular quests and can be retaken at certain short intervals. (The list will be refreshed in 30 minutes.) When you submit the quest, you will receive XP, coins and Reputation points, but most importantly, you will have filled your Town Project bar. So why are these Town Projects so important?

You already know how important high-quality gears are in this game. And how challenging it is to produce these items. Let’s say you think you have everything ready to produce a high-quality item. Actually not. You’re missing the most basic thing: Enough Tier-level Station is required to craft this item. That’s why Town Projects are so important. Let’s say you want to produce a very strong armor, but the Forge level in your town is not enough, if you do this in another Settlement, you will pay extra tax. That’s why completing Town Project quests is very important.

In order to increase the Tier level of these stations (for example, Forge), by activating the “Upgrade Forge” Town Project, you will start a bar where the quests that all the members have done will be progressed. The projects are activated by the Governor or Consul of the Company in control of the Settlement. Each mission completed moves the overall project a little closer to being finished.

Another thing you should know is that there are Terrority Standing points that you can earn from region to region. This includes bonuses you can earn while in that area. For example: “Increase the Storage capacity you use in this region by 50, increase the Gathering speed in this region by 5%, gain 3% more XP while in this region… etc”. Although these buffs may seem small, if you earn points too often, a lot of buffs will accumulate and will be very useful. Grinding Town Projects and developing in that area will also earn you Terrority Standing points. This is a detail you should keep in mind.

In this way, by completing community missions with members, projects can be completed quickly and your Settlement can develop. There are 3 key stages for your Territory to evolve: Upgrade Settlement, Upgrade Fort and Improve Lifestyle. You must complete all three of these basic stages as a separate bar.

Upgrade Settlement Projects

The Upgrade Settlement category is the missions to raise the level of the stations required to improve your Crafting and Refining skills in your Settlement. Upgrading these stations will allow you to craft more refined quality crafted items. If you want to learn new recipes, increase your skill levels and produce high Tier level items, you should contribute to Town Project quests. Once a quest bar is completed, the Tier level of the station will quickly level up. By doing tasks synchronously and collectively, you can improve quickly.

Another important thing to mention is that stations aren’t the only things that have increased Tier levels. Your Settlement’s Tier level will also increase and you will develop. There will be changes in both its name, title and appearance. This updates automatically as you complete tasks. Your settlement’s levels will increase as follows:

Tier LevelSettlement
Tier 1Hamlet
Tier 2Village
Tier 3Town
Tier 4City
Tier 5Capitol

Upgrade Fort Projects

Developing Forts, where Wars and Invasions take place, is essential for both maintaining your power and defending. If you don’t have a strong Fort in the New World, which is constantly waging war and invasion, it will make you the weak link. In the Upgrade Fort phase, you can strengthen your Fort step by step and add different features and defense mechanisms. With many new features added, such as the Siege Weapon, and when you show the enemy that you are dangerous, no one will dare to attack your Fort.

Upgrading is very important to empower Emplacement Points and Gates. Emplacement Points provide additional placement for your Siege Weapons. Upgrading the Gates will allow your Fort to take less damage and keep it standing. But you still have to make all the necessary upgrades to have a strong castle. Here are some Fort elements you can upgrade:

  • Gates
  • Emplacement Points
  • Repeaters
  • Burning Oil Vat
  • Warhorns
  • Explosives
  • Ballista

Like the Settlement Upgrade, Forts change their name according to Tier level as you upgrade and become stronger:

Tier LevelFort
Tier 1Fort
Tier 2Bastion
Tier 3Keep
Tier 4Castle
Tier 5Citadel

Improve Lifestyle Projects

With the help of the Improve Lifestyle projects, you can get buffs for Gathering, Crafting and Combating. These buffs are only active while in the Territory. Currently, there are 12 Improve Lifestyle projects in New World. The Managing Company has to pay 15,000 coins for this.

Note: Every task done, every tax charged will be added to the Company’s treasury. So be careful not to trade anywhere else besides your own Settlement!

Buffs have a duration of 72 hours and affect every settler player in that area. After the buffs expire, they can be renewed by performing quests again.

These buffs are divided into 3 as Combat, Gathering and Crafting:

Combat Buffs

These buffs are about increasing your combat effectiveness in the game. These buffs are especially useful for your Corruption farms.

Town ProjectBuff Description
Arcane BlessingIncrease Corrupted damage absorption by 5% for 3 days.
Hale and HeartyIncrease your HP by 10% for 3 days.
StalwartIncrease Defense Recovery by 20% for 3 days.

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Crafting Buffs

These buffs allow you to increase the Gear Score of the items you craft.

Town ProjectBuff Description
Arcanist’s WisdomIncrease base Arcanist Gear Score upon Craft for 3 days.
Armorer’s InspirationIncrease base Armoring Gear Score upon Craft for 3 days.
Chef’s PassionIncrease the chances of getting additional meals when Cooking for 3 days.
Engineer’s PatienceIncrease base Arcanist Gear Score upon Craft for 3 days.
Weaponsmith’s TemperamentIncrease base Arcanist Gear Score upon Craft for 3 days.

Gathering Buffs

This buff is to increase the amount of resources you receive from the Gathering proffession.

Town ProjectBuff Description
Farmer’s HarvestIncrease Harvesting Quantity by 20% for 3 days.
Hunter’s BountyIncreases Skinning Quantity by 20% for 3 days.
Lumberjack’s SpiritIncreases Logging Quantity by 20% for 3 days.
Miner’s ResolveIncreases Mining Quantity by 20% for 3 days.

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