New World Users Have Found a Loophole to Get Competing Players Banned

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Amazon Games Studios looks to have a hit on their hands with New World. Upon its release on September 28th, so many players attempted to stream that it became difficult for the servers to handle.

Unfortunately, with the release of any successful game, some people are inevitably going to find ways to cheat. Players have reportedly discovered a way to have competitors auto-banned by the game’s bots. reports, “There are allegations from the community that if you mass report someone in the game, bots can, and will, sometimes auto-ban that player. With mass bans happening, sometimes wars are won, in an abuse of the system.”

As a user on the New World Forum explained:

“Pick a Player. Post in guild chat or in Global, To ban this person. All parties report them, the game AutoBans for whatever the reason listed by the group. Guilds are using it as a weapon against rivals on a regular basis. It’s a running joke… If you are a crafter advertising your wares… a Guild can get you banned to eliminate the competition.”

Community Manager NW_Mugsy claimed that the company isn’t using bots. He told users, “We are using EAC for folks detected to be cheating, maybe they were confused on the differences between that and how in-game Code of Conduct reports are processed. I will work with them and their team to make sure they aren’t providing conflicting information in the future.”

As BossLevelGamer reported last week, Amazon is quickly attempting to improve the playability of New World. Among Amazon Game Studios’ fixes is the ability to move New World servers, allowing players to join in on the fun with friends.

Amazon has also been working on an AFK detection system that auto boots players after 30 minutes of non-gameplay, a move that is supposed to help alleviate some of the server strain that the company is currently experiencing and slowly fixing.

Still on the fence about playing New World? You can download the game directly from Amazon.

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