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In other words, as you can see, all 3 main professions are interconnected and it is very difficult to do one without the other.

Weaving, another important Refining profession in the New World, allows you to refine Plant Fibers into cloths such as Silk and Linen. As we mentioned before, every Refining profession progresses in harmony with a Gathering profession. Weaving goes hand in hand with the Harvesting profession. Today we will talk about how you can perform Weaving, how you can increase its level quickly, and of course its resources.

What is Weaving?

The Refining profession transforms raw resources obtained with Gathering into usable Crafting materials and other useful items. The Weaving profession is a profession that allows you to obtain fabrics such as Linen, Satin, Silk with the materials drops from Hemp Plant, Silkweed Plant and Wirefiber Plant, which can be gathered with Harvesting.

Since different professions also require cloth, the more cloth you produce, the better for you. To improve and level up your Weaving profession, you need to go to the Loom in your Settlement. Here, this Loom will have a Tier level depending on your Settlement’s progress level. To get advanced cloths, your Loom must be at a certain Tier level.

Note: To increase your Settlement’s Tier level, you must complete Town Project quests and contribute to your company. If your Settlement does not have high Tier level Refining centers or Workshop Stations, it will be a waste of both time and gold for you.

Where And How Weaving Is Used?

The Weaving profession is of great importance to other professions. Especially in the Armoring profession, cloth is essential. For your advanced Armoring crafts, you need to have plenty of advanced cloths. So, it’s a great complementary skill to Armoring because of the many recipes that require cloth as crafting material in this skill set.

These cloths are also used for Furnishing, Armoring, Engineering, Weaponsmithing and Arcana. Since these professions require cloth as a material, they are related to the Weaving profession. There are also several recipes from Engineering and Arcana that each require Leather. And some furniture also require cloth fabrics as material.

By going to your Settlement’s Outfit Station, you can see Cloth Armors being made with cloths. Also Weaving is required for Leatherworking. To craft Leather Armor and Leather Bag, you need cloth and leather. So you can’t use one without the other.

One of the best things about this game is that one profession has many complementary professions. Let’s say you are a mage (Fire, Ice) playing with the Intelligence stat. You will need a lot of pots as you are using an extreme amount of mana. And you will inevitably be interested in the Arcana profession. (Arcana allows you to craft many magical items such as pot, potions, staff.) The basic requirement for Arcana is plants, namely Harvesting profession. So you will have to deal with both Harvesting and Arcana. So what does this have to do with Weaving? Now listen carefully… Every point you give to the Intelligence stat will also give you extra Harvesting bonuses with this ranking:

50+10% harvest speed
1005% chance to gain 1 azoth when harvesting
150-10% decrease in weight of harvested items
200+10% harvest speed
250+10% yield increase when harvesting
300-10% reduction in Azoth travel cost

This means that someone playing Intelligence has more chances and possibilities in favor of Harvesting. So how can we turn this into an opportunity? If you are someone who plays Intelligence, it will be very good for you to deal with Harvesting. And that means faster Harvesting. You will also use the plants you farm with Harvesting in the Weaving profession. We will explain to you shortly which plants and which materials these are. As a result, as you can see, a profession can spread to many professions. All in synergy.

How to Level Up In Weaving?

Leveling up in Weaving allows players to transform fibers into higher layered cloth pieces to produce better equipment. Leveling up in Weaving is a simple process. All that is required, as we mentioned before, is that the Tier level of your Loom station is suitable for the advanced cloth you want to produce and the materials. If your Settlement’s Loom’s Tier level is not enough to craft that cloth, you will need to use another Settlement’s. As with all Trading Skills, raising the level of Refining skills is done by using the skill continuously.

You should start Weaving from the first level. You can increase your Weaving level by starting with Linen, which is the easiest to produce cloth, and gradually learning advanced cloths. You can use different base fibers when you reach certain Harvesting levels. It is very easy to raise your Weaving level, but it is more difficult to raise your Harvesting level. Because your Harvesting level must be at a certain level in order to collect some fibers required for Weaving.

Weaving Refined Resources

Linen: The only cloth you can craft at the very beginning of the game is Linen. It is quite simple to manufacture. You can obtain Linen by crafting Fibers, which you will obtain by collecting Hemps around while doing your quests, in your Weaving station. You can get 1 Linen by using 4 Fibers. Linen production is important because you need to have produced Linen for the next cloth, Sateen.


Loom Tier 2

Weaving Skill Lv. 0

Sateen: The second cloth you will learn to produce after Linen is Sateen. Note that you need a large number of Linen to produce Sateen. 4 Linens are used in a Sateen production. So just because you learned how to produce Sateen, do not think that you will never produce Linen again. Also, you need an extra material when producing Sateen: Crossweave. We’ll share how this material was found later on, but most of the time you’ll be unintentionally accumulating them as you complete your quests. Also, to add, you can’t produce Sateen without producing enough Linen and not making your Weaving level 50.


Loom Tier 3

Weaving Skill Lv. 50

Silk: In our next cloth, you will realize that we will start working with a very different material. We produce Silk using 2 Sateens we produced before, but now we need 3 materials. In addition to Crossweave, which we will use in most productions, you also need a material called Silk Thread. This material can be obtained from Silkweed Plants. In order to produce Silk, you need to have Weaving level 100.


Loom Tier 4

Weaving Skill Lv. 100

Infused Silk: Now things started to get a little difficult. To craft this cloth, you must have reached 150 level Weaving, have Tier 5 Loom. It is a hard-to-collect plant. So this means that if you want to produce this cloth, you must have reached the advanced levels of the game. For 1 Infused Silk, you need to collect 8 of the material called Wirefiber, 2 Silks and have a Crossweave.


Loom Tier 5

Weaving Skill Lv. 150

Phoenixweave: It’s time to introduce one of the endgame products. If you want to produce this cloth, we assume that you have really been played and developed for a long time. Phoenixweave, the most powerful and high level cloth in the game, will put you in a very powerful position in many professions such as advanced level Armoring. To craft this cloth, you need to use 5 Infused Silks, 1 Scalecloth (Legendary is an item and drops from Wirefiber Plants), 1 Blisterweaver (Legendary is an item and drops from Wirefiber Plants) and 1 Wireweave (Rare is a item and drops from Supply Containers). When you get these items, you can produce 1 Phoenixweave. It sounds difficult, but it shouldn’t be too hard for you to collect them at an advanced level.

Note: This cloth will take a significant amount of grinding for the resources. Use everything to increase your Luck when farming for these materials.


Loom Tier 5

Weaving Skill Lv. 200

Harvesting to Weaving – How to Farm Harvesting?

1. Beginner Level Harvesting – Farming Hemps

In the beginning, you don’t need to make an extra effort to increase your Harvesting level. Just make yourself a Flint Harvesting Sickle and collect every plant you can see on the way. Thus, you will reach the level you want in a short time. We have a very nice, lush area to collect Hemps, which is also necessary for Weaving. Here you can quickly increase your level by quickly farming both the Hemps that allow you to drop Fiber and many other plants. After collecting the fibers, you can quickly produce your Linen.

You can do farming in the areas that we marked with red circles. This is the upper part of the First Light Settlement. Farming is pretty fast there because the plants there respawn very fast and there are many. People use this area not just because of they want to farm Hemps, also in order to increase their Harvesting level quickly.

2. Medium Level Harvesting – Farming Silkweed Plants

At the middle levels of the game, by farming these plants, you can farm both the materials required for professions such as Arcane and the material necessary for producing Silk. You must have reached Harvesting level 100 to farm and track this herb. It may take some effort and time to reach this level because after a certain level it will be harder and harder to level up. Farm locations vary a lot, so collect every plant you find until you reach level 100. To farm Silkweed Plants, you can find these plants by going to any of the locations shown below.

First Light Farming Location

In this area that we marked with red circles, you can farm Silkweed Plants very quickly and they respawn pretty quick.

Everfall Farming Location

In this area near to the Settlement, you can do your farmings pretty good. After that you can use fast teleportation to go other areas and create a farm routine for yourself.

Monarch’s Bluff Farming Location

There are 5 good spots that you can farm plants easily. Since there are spots that are far away from the Settlement, you can farm without anyone disturbing you, or stealing your farm. So it is quite isolate and nice.

3. Advanced Level Harvesting – Farming Wirefiber Plants

Wirefibers, which are Tier 5 resources, are one of the most difficult and troublesome plants and materials to obtain in the game. You can find this herb in many parts of the map and you can use the drops from it to produce Infused Silk in both Furnishing and Weaving. But the troublesome part of the job is that you need to have reached Harvesting level 175 in order to farm and track this plant. This process will take a lot of your time, but it is not impossible when you farm in the right places and in a planned way. As we said, since these are endgame resources, they are not things you need to worry about at the beginning of the game. We’ve marked where you can find the most Wirefiber Plant in the locations below.

Note: It should not be forgotten that your Harvesting and Tracking skills need to reach a certain level in order to find some plants. Explorers will need a Harvesting skill of 175 as well as a Tracking skill of 200 in order to find and collect Wirefiber from their eponymous plants.

First Light Farming Locations

In First Light, there are only 3 available spots for farming Wirefiber.

Windsward Farming Locations

In this areas near to Fort, you can do farming very easily and quickly. Try to avoid the other 2 places in the right of the map, the mobs are there so powerful.

Monarch’s Bluff Farming Locations

This is by far the best area that you can farm Wirefiber. There 4 available spots to farm.

If your Tracking level is not parallel to the Tracking level of the plant you are looking for, you cannot farm that plant. We will now show you a table of the levels required for Tracking and Harvesting.

ItemLevel to harvestLevel to track

Weaving Refining Materials

1. Crossweave: Crossweave is one of the fundamentals of Weaving. It is a material you need and used to craft all other cloths except Phoenixweave. This item, which you can find from Supply Containers, will also be unintentionally accumulated in your bag and Storage while playing the game and doing your quests. But if you want, you can craft this material in exchange for other materials using the Common Material Converter. But for this, although there is a Tier level, you also need to have enough funds in your Faction Shop, because Material Converters can only be purchased here.

2. Silkweave: Silkweave is a Weaving material that you can also drop from Supply Containers but also craft using Advanced Material Converter like Crossweave. Unlike others, this material is not used for cloth making, but is required for crafting some furniture in the Furnishing profession.

3. Wireweave: This is a Rare material found in Level 56+ zone Supply Containers. It is very difficult to find this material that you will use while making Phoenixweave. If you want to craft, you will need the Masterwork Material Converter, which is very difficult to do and requires advanced game skills. But if you want to craft a strong cloth like Phoenixweave, we recommend that you go hunting for this material now because it will be a bit difficult to find unless you increase your “Luck” percentage.

Tips for Weaving and Harvesting

• If you want to get some hard-to-drop items, increasing your Luck might be an option. You can also do this in the following ways:

1. Add the Starmetal Botanist Charm to your Sickle.

2. Place a Harvesting Gathering Trophy in your home.

3. Consume Corn-based foods.

Note: 1,000 Chances correspond to a rare 1% drop chance. Using the best thropy and consuming the best food alone will add 3,400 points.

• Do not buy the materials you need to increase your Weaving level from the market. By collecting them, you will both increase your Harvesting level and make a gold profit. Buying them can be a huge mistake.

• Increasing your Harvesting speed is very important. Raising your Harvesting Sickle to a higher mine than Flint will be very helpful.

• You can use your Territory points to increase your Gathering speed. This will be very useful for both Harvesting and all other Gathering professions.

  • As we mentioned before, if you are a player of Intelligence, you should definitely focus on Harvesting. If you want to do Harvesting and don’t know which stat to play with, Intelligence is our recommendation.

• Gather plants and flowers you find everywhere. These will give you materials that you can use in many professions.

Written by Borut Udovic

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