New World Is Doing A Wheel Of Time Crossover

Amazon Game Studios is taking advantage of Amazon Prime’s position with the streaming series Wheel Of Time, adding a crossover to the relatively new game.

The crossover will include outfits and various themed items from the series.

The crossover arrives in the middle of New Work’s ‘Winter Convergence Festival’ event that finishes on January 11, 2022.


The event offers various seasonal questions, new resources, and a brand new enemy named Winter Warrior.

New World Wheel of Time Crossover
Photo Credit: Amazon Game Studio

There are also a bunch of giveaways being offered up for New World gamers who play along during the festival.


The Wheel of Time crossover arrives via Twitch Drops that will start on December 23. The drops are arriving just as the series’ final episode becomes available. If you want to participate in the crossover it will run through January 11.


Written by Boss Level Gamer