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The Gathering system, which we are accustomed to from most MMOs, is the main mechanic of New World. Therefore, in order to craft in the game, you need to improve the Woodworking and Logging professions by cutting hundreds of trees.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for long respawn times to farm this profession. Because everywhere in New World universe is covered with forests. All you have to do is get a good ax and dive into the forest and start farming right away. Now let’s take a look at Woodworking’s crafting system and other details together.

What is Woodworking?

Woodworking is a profession where you can turn woods from trees you cut into various items. These various items include some valuable Planks, as well as advanced valuable resources and side professions such as Furniture crafting. Woodworking is one of the most valuable professions in the game. Because almost all other professions in the game require various sources of refined wood for most Crafting operations.

Especially in the Workshop, you will see that you need a Woodworking profession for every product you craft. When you want to craft Gathering materials with high Tier levels, you should have a large amount of wood on hand. In short, Woodworking is the profession you will need most in both the beginner and advanced levels of the game.

Woodworking Refined Resources


It is the simplest level of craftable wood in the game. You will need lots of Timber at the very beginning of the game. To get Timber, you must go to the Woodshop and transform the wood pieces you collect from “Young Trees” into Timber by crafting them. Especially when you think that every place on the map is full of trees, you can understand how easy it is.

Woodshops are located inside the Settlement where you start the game. Open your map by pressing the “M” key and you can find where the Woodshop is by visiting the stalls one by one.


Woodshop Tier 3

Woodworking Skill Lv. 0


Next up is Lumber, one of the Tier 3 tier Planks. In order to produce Lumbers, your Logging profession must first reach level 50. Because the main material used to produce Lumber is “Aged Wood”. You can obtain this crafting material only by cutting “Mature Trees”. Cutting these trees also requires level 50 Logging skill. If you do not know how to increase your logging to level 50, you can read the tips on how to farm fast at the bottom of our article.

Lumber production is more difficult than Timber because Mature Tree is a tree species that is not often found. Therefore, you must constantly wander through the forest and cut every Mature Tree you find.


Woodshop Tier 3

Woodworking Skill Lv. 50

Logging Lv. 50

You will also need additional Sandpapers for Tier 3 level and higher Woodworking crafting. These Sandpapers are available at various Tier levels and are usually obtained from Supply Containers.

Wyrdwood Planks

We have come to the part where the New World gradually becomes difficult for you. Wyrdwood is a Tier 4 material. You need 6 Wyrdwoods to craft this item. Since the Tier level is high, it is extremely difficult and laborious to produce and collect. In order to cut Wyrdwood trees, your Logging skill must be level 100. If you want to craft Wyrdwood Planks at the same time, you will need 2 extra Lumbers.

Wyrdwood Trees look like that in the game.

Especially in the production of Tier 4 level fishing rods, the most needed material is Wyrdwood Planks. Likewise, a large number of Wyrdwood planks are required for the production of Ironwood Planks, which are required for the production of some Tier 5 level items.


Woodshop Tier 4

Woodworking Skill Lv. 100

Logging Lv. 100

Ironwood Planks

Ironwood is a Tier 5 material and one of the last level items of the game. It is especially used in the production of valuable resources such as Tier 5 items and Glittering Ebony. If you haven’t reached level 50+ yet, Ironwood is not a type of tree you can farm.

Ironwood is also used in the manufacture of some Furniture and Orichalcum weapons. To give a specific example, especially in Furniture, most players have problems with Storage. When your Storage space is low, you can purchase one of the houses in your Settlement and craft and place the “Golden Steel Storage Chest” in your house to increase your space. You need a lot of Ironwood to craft this chest.


Woodshop Tier 5

Woodworking Skill Lv. 150

Logging Lv. 175

Glittering Ebony

If you have reached this step of the game, it means that your character’s level has reached 60. Glittering Ebony is a high level Tier 5 ingredient that is extremely difficult to obtain. Because it requires not only Ironwood but also rare items like Wildwood and Barbvine. To craft such high-level items, the Woodshop in your Settlement must be highly advanced. As of now, some servers have Tier 5 level Woodshop. Over time, construction will begin in the regions you play, so be careful to do the Town Project quests in your region.

So what can you produce with Glittering Ebony?

Glittering Ebony is associated with 3 main professions. These professions are Weaponsmithing, Engineering and Arcana. If you can raise the level of these professions above 175, you can produce Legendary Staf, Ax and Shields. Another point you should not forget is that not only Glittering Ebony is used in the crafting process of such legendary items, but also high-level smelting materials such as Asmodeum.


Woodshop Tier 5

Woodworking Skill Lv. 200

Logging Lv. 175

How to Level Up Woodworking and Logging Fast?

Beginner Level 1-50: What you need to do in this level is to collect wood by cutting the trees you see around while doing the starting quests of the game. You can produce Timber by processing these woods in the Woodshop when you return to your Settlement to submit your quests. In this way, you can start to gradually increase your Woodworking level. Reaching Level 50 in particular is extremely easy by doing this.

Medium Level 50-100: At this point, you won’t be doing much different from the beginner level. You don’t need to make an effort to farm extra, just keep doing your quests calmly. Since you will start cutting Mature Trees after your Logging level is 50, you can spend a little more time in the forests and farm. Mature Trees seem thicker and larger than other trees.

After reaching this level, you can increase your Woodworking level by converting Aged Woods you collect from Mature Trees into Lumber in Woodshop. Note that the more Mature Trees you cut, the more Woodworking you can get.

Advanced Level 100-175: After this point, you need to determine a specific farm location. Because you will need a lot of Wyrwood to produce Tier 4 level Wyrwood Planks. These trees look different from other trees as you can see in the image. Also, in order to cut this tree, your logging level must be 100. You can quickly turn your farmed Wyrwoods into Wyrwood Planks and increase your woodworking level to 175 in 3-5 hours.

Wyrwood Trees

Wyrwood Farm Location

In order to go to the area we show in the photo below, you must first teleport to Brightwood. Then press “M” to open the map and move towards the “Bronzegrove” area at the bottom right of Brightwood. Here is the area where you need to farm.

Endgame Crafting Ironwood Farming: Now that you have reached the level where you can craft the last level items of the game, you will want to look at where you can farm. Please note that you must have a high gear level for this. There are too many mobs in these regions and these mobs have high levels. To farm Ironwood, your logging level must be 175. If you can reach this level, the Legendary items in the game are no longer too far away.

As you can see, our farm location is in EdenGrove, a region where you can easily go over the Great Cleave.

Woodworking and Fast Axe Usage

If you want to level up quickly in Woodworking, you definitely need to use an axe with a high gathering speed. Because the more you log, the more you can craft and produce planks. This means you can level up fast. Therefore, be careful to use the fastest axe that the game offers you as long as your level is enough.

Ax types according to their speed are as follows;

Flint Logging Axe: 100% Gather Speed

Crafting Requirements

1 Flint 1 Green Wood

Workshop Tier 1

Engineering Skill Lv. 0

Iron Logging Axe: 125% Gather Speed

Crafting Requirements

2 Iron Ingot 3 Timber 2 Coarse Leather

Workshop Tier 2

Engineering Skill Lv. 0

Starmetal Logging Axe: %400 Gather Speed

Steel Logging Axe: %250 Gather Speed

Crafting Requirements

13 Steel Ingot 3 Timber 2 Coarse Leather

Workshop Tier 3

Engineering Skill Lv. 50

Crafting Requirements

14 Blessed Crucible 3 Timber 2 Coarse Leather

Workshop Tier 4

Engineering Skill Lv. 100

Orichalcum Logging Axe: %625 Gather Speed

Crafting Requirements

15 Orichalcum Ingot 3 Timber 2 Coarse Leather

Workshop Tier 5

Engineering Skill Lv. 150

Tips and Tactics about Woodworking

• While you are at the beginner level of the game, take care to cut trees continuously. Definitely turn the trees you cut into Timber instead of Charcoal.

• Be sure to use the Iron Pickaxe with extra features until you reach level 40. This will increase your farm speed.

• Make sure your Logging level reaches 100 until your character reaches level 40.

• Do not sell the Timbers you produce on the Trading Post. Store them instead and start crafting Lumbers after your Woodworking level reaches 50.

• Try to open Supply Containers in every quest you go. Because the Sandpapers you will extract will be used frequently in Woodworking crafting processes.

• If your woodworking level has not reached Tier 4 or 5, take care to complete Town Project quests. Otherwise, you cannot craft.

  • As we always say, you may not need an extra farm for Woodworking and Logging, which are the easiest professions to progress. But if you choose the Gathering Speed boost feature from Terrority points, you will speed up this process.
  • And if you give your Attiribute points to Constitution , you will get Logging buffs. If you are a player who plays Const, you should definetely focus on the Logging profession.

Other Resources Required for Woodworking


It is a resource that you can gather by cutting Ironwoods. Because it’s Tier 5, it’s very valuable and rarely found. It is especially used in the production of Glittering Ebony.


Just like Barbvine, it is Tier 5 and is only collected from Ironwood trees. Since it is a rare item, you can farm it depending on your luck. It is also used in the Glittering Ebony craft, unlocked at Woodworking 200. It is also used in the construction of Warpwood, a Legendary Archer item that you can craft with Engineering. The use of this item is not limited to these. You will need such Tier 5 level resources when crafting some Fire-Ice legendary stafs that you can craft at level 200 in Arcana.


After your logging level reaches 100, you will start cutting Wyrdwood trees. However, depending on your luck, you can drop Quillbark from Wyrdwood trees. It is frequently used especially in the production of medium-level weapons.


Just like Quillbark, you can get it by cutting down the Wyrdwood tree. Its use as craft material is not very common. May be required for crafting several items in Arcana. However, it is not used very often. As more items are added to the game in the upcoming updates, its usage will increase.


It is a Tier 3 level material that you can obtain from various sources such as Dead, Mature, Young, Cactus, Tree Stump. It is used to craft some beginner Bows and Staffs.

Petrified Wood

It is a Tier 2 level resource that you can obtain by chopping down almost any tree like Whisperwood. You may need it for crafting some Arcana and Engineering items at the beginner level.

Written by Borut Udovic

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