The Newest Halo Infinite Trailer Shows Much Better Visuals and Some Really Cool Features

The newest trailer for Halo:Infinite Shows Much Better Visuals and Some Really Cool Features
Image Via Xbox

As developers are working on games, they release a trailer to give players an advanced look at the project. It is meant to be an exciting moment and build heavy interest in the title.

Image Via Xbox

Sometimes, however, the trailer could go the wrong way. This is what happened last year when 343 Industries released their trailer for the Halo Infinite trailer. The spot featured visuals that weren’t entirely clear. And gamers zeroed in on a muddy NPC alien that they affectionately named Craig.

343 took another shot this week, though, and the early returns are promising. Polygon reports, “the trailer shows off a Halo that should be familiar to fans while also being something completely new. Chief has a new Cortana, a garage filled with vehicles, a skill tree, a map, and a host of new and familiar weapons.”

And of course, the visuals are much cleaner than they were in the first trailer. Craig, in particular, looks much better than he did last year.

The developers are excited about how the game is going to be received. Christopher Lee, from 343 Industries, said at a recent Q and A:

“This really speaks to the spiritual reboot concept that we started this project with, where we really wanted to take the learnings from Halo 4 and Halo 5 and […] look across the entire history of the Halo franchise and embrace the most iconic elements and bring those forward for gamers today. The visual language kind of brings back, harkens back, to some of those iconic looks that we’ve had in Halo.”

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