Next-Gen Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Sequel Announced for 2023


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s sequel is finally unveiled! It didn’t rank among the best Star Wars games in our definitive list, but Survivor may fair better. Cal Kestis is still on the run from the Empire a full five years later, and judging by the teaser trailer, he’s searching for a long lost Jedi trapped in a bacta tank. When we last saw Cameron Monaghan’s ginger spice Jedi padawan, Cal only just barely escaped Darth Vader’s clutches. His hopes to restore the Jedi Order dashed aside, now Cal stands as a lonely Jedi Survivor.

Despite being a wanted man with the personality of dry toast, Kestis recruited an interesting band of allies last time around. All of his companions are mysteriously absent, save for his constant droid sidekick BD-1. As the Pau’an man narrating the trailer notes, “Why lead… when they won’t follow?” It seems Cal might’ve lost his way with ex-Jedi Cere and company. Given Fallen Order’s fondness for flashbacks, we may learn about what split the team up – or it’s a Rogue One situation and events won’t play out quite as they appear.

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Digging further into the teaser, it’s clear this Pau’an is some sort of illicit collector somehow connected to the Empire’s efforts to purge the last of the Jedi. We see an Inquisitor dueling Cal, only for him to lose his saber, and the collector appearing to have acquired it. This seems a likely scenario for Cal to undergo a ‘new game, mandatory power reset’ downfall. Curiously, it’s only a single blade, rather than the saber’s final multi-emitter form in Fallen Order. On the upside, Cal’s thrown away his ridiculous poncho as well.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Bactca Tank Jedi
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We also briefly glimpse Cal having to fend against automated defense systems. Yet the big question mark looming over Jedi Survivor is the new mysterious figure in the bacta tank. It’s clearly an old man, and given the game’s title, suggests Cal may have found another surviving Jedi from the Clone Wars. This is an interesting development given the time jump since Fallen Order. The story at this point is close to the same time period as Kenobi and Star Wars: Rebels. Any Jedi still holding out at this point that don’t factor into the Galactic Civil War are destined for typically dire fates.

Photo Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Will Cal’s next quest be as fruitless as in Fallen Order? Only time will tell! Jedi Survivor launches in 2023 for Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5, and PC. Given EA Play being part of Xbox Game Pass, it’s likely at least a trial version will be available for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers at launch as well.



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