Next Pokémon Game Wishlist – Five Things We Want To See

Next Pokémon Game Wishlist - Five Things We Want To See
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To put it bluntly, we didn’t like Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Despite its incredible promise, it fell short due to technical and gameplay issues we couldn’t ignore. In our review, we said the following:

There are some good ideas within Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, but they cannot overcome the critical game issues. Even if the technical hiccups and bugs get fixed, the game still suffers from fundamental issues. This is one of the worst Pokémon games in the series and is a massive disappointment.

Despite the game’s issues, Scarlet and Violet still sold many copies. So sufficed to say we’ll keep getting Pokémon games for the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, future releases can address many people’s issues and critiques. So let’s discuss five things we’d love to see in the next Pokémon games. 

Let Development On The Next Pokémon Game Take Its Time 

The biggest thing that can kill any game, regardless of its potential, is shipping an unfinished title. Scarlet and Violet weren’t the only Pokémon games to release in 2022. Pokémon Legends: Arceus came out for Nintendo Switch in January. Did we need multiple Pokémon titles this year? No, but it sure didn’t hurt Nintendo’s bottom line.

By comparison’s sake, we’ve seen Nintendo take its time with other marquee franchises. The Legend of Zelda saw several delays, pushbacks, and pleas for understanding the game’s long development cycle and lack of information during the 2010s.

Let Development On The Next Pokémon Game Take Its Time 
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It was all worth it when Breath of the Wild was released alongside the Nintendo Switch in 2017. Remember: a delayed game will eventually be a good game. 

Despite their patience elsewhere, it seems that Nintendo is content to release Pokémon games regularly constantly. On one level, I don’t blame them. These games sell like hotcakes, regardless of quality. Could you imagine if we got a fully fleshed-out Pokémon adventure filled with polish and refinement? It’s something I dream about regularly. 

I’m Still Waiting for a Pokémon Game To Let Us Visit Multiple Regions

Part of the fun of a new Pokémon game is discovering everything a new region has to offer. New gyms, new Pokémon, new cities, and new friends and foes all await. Some of the magic from the best Pokémon games is exploring the new frontier that awaits you. It’s something that Scarlet and Violet did well with its open world. 

Having said that, I’d kill for the expanded chance to revisit regions from the franchise’s past. It’s something that I remember fondly from playing Gold and Silver. Exploring Kanto once more and discovering its changes is a blast. 

As the franchise embraces open world gameplay, exploring modern day Sinnoh, Honey, and Kanto sound like a dream come true. 

Please Fix All of the Bugs and Improve the Visual Quality

For many, the biggest issue with Scarlet and Violet are the bugs and technical issues. The overall player experience of the newest Pokémon game is, simply put, incredibly poor. Between hilarious visual glitches to single digit frame rates, it’s inexcusable that a major game company shipped a game in this state. 

This ties into my first wish: give the game enough time in the oven. Fix the bugs and ensure everyone’s experience is enjoyable and not filled with game breaking issues. 

Please Fix All of the Bugs and Improve the Visual Quality
Photo Credit: Nintendo

While we’re here, the game’s downright atrocious visuals also need updating. Nevertheless, the Switch can deliver great looking games, from Breath of the Wild and Luigi’s Mansion 3 to Xenoblade Chronicles and Astral Chain. There’s no reason why Pokémon can’t be mentioned alongside the best looking Switch games. 

Keep Improving on the Game’s Writing

One of the most pleasant surprises with the 2022 Pokémon games is their writing. The overall narrative and character depth are a breath of fresh air. I developed an emotional attachment to the game for the first time in years. It made me want to keep playing even when everything else about the game was frustrating. 

Call me crazy, but it felt like I was playing a modern JRPG while progressing through the story. I was impressed by the world-building, plot development, and character personality traits. There are definite issues with Scarlet and Violet and Pokemon Legends, but not with their writing. 

The one thing I’d love to see is the addition of voice acting. Let these games genuinely come to life and do the writing justice. 

The Next Pokémon Game Should Take More Inspiration From Pokémon Legends

One of my favorite things to do in Arceus is catch Pokémon. I know this isn’t a shock considering that this is one of the core gameplay tenants in the franchise. However, the way Pokémon Legends keeps catching Pokémon fun and engaging are impressive. It’s a place where Scarlet and Violet dropped the ball. 

The Next Pokémon Game Should Take More Inspiration From Pokémon Legends
Photo Credit: Nintendo

The research tasks of Pokémon Legends, as well as Pokémon Go, are a great way to make encountering wild Pokémon stay exciting. There were too many instances where I’d avoid wild Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet because it would needlessly pad my game time. That was rarely the case when exploring the ancient region of Hisui. 

Please give me a reason to keep encountering wild Pokémon and battling with them. Scarlet and Violet’s autobattle system is nice, and I enjoy not worrying about grinding levels. But I’d still rather engage in a gameplay system over ignoring it.


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