NFT Gaming: Companies Who Are Supporting It [And a Few Who Are Against It]

NFT Gaming has been embraced by these companies

NFT gaming has become a thing whether we want it or not. While gamers are mostly united against the inclusion of NFTs in video games, companies seem to not care what their customer base thinks.

However, not everyone seems to realize that gamers hate NFTs. Therefore, we have compiled a list with some of the biggest developers and publishers out there and included their stances on NFT gaming.

Konami Is Selling NFTs

Konami sure is trying to push NFTs with tokens based on Castlevania. The items are currently available via auction on their website. Coincidentally, you can also right-click and download the NFTs to your own personal computer.

Square Enix Is All-in on NFT Gaming

Square Enix seems to be all-in on NFT gaming in 2022. Speaking of blockchain-based technology, Company President Yosuke Matsuda said 2021 was a “year in which NFTs were met with a great deal of enthusiasm by a rapidly expanding growth base.” He would continue to acknowledge the pushback against NFTs by gamers. That acknowledgment was later dismissed with the notion of pushing forward, regardless of what his consumer base thinks.

Ubisoft Thinks That Gamers Don’t Understand NFT Gaming Just Yet

Ubisoft seems to think that NFT gaming will be a very big deal. Gamers just haven’t gotten the memo yet, but they will! Didier Genevois, Ubisoft’s Blockchain Technical Director (a real position, apparently), spoke with Decrypt concerning NFTs. Genevois’ ultimate point in speaking with the website that’s owned by a crypto company is that they want to “showcase the true value of decentralization to our players.”

Ubisoft also plans to develop blockchain games as well. They seem to be all in on this strategy.

Electronic Arts Thinks Blockchain and NFTs Are the Future

PC Gamer reported that while EA isn’t quite in on NFT gaming currently, they see it as the future of the industry. The same report linked to a previously listed job posting that included both “NFT” and “blockchain” in the descriptions. While they don’t appear to be as blatant as the previously mentioned companies, it is definitely on their radar.

Take-Two Believes in NFTs and Blockchain

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick may not be a fan of the metaverse, but he loves NFTs. He spoke with regarding them.

“If you believe in collectible physical goods, I don’t know why you wouldn’t believe in collectible digiatl goods,” he said.

As someone who plays a collectible card game in physical form but couldn’t give a crap about his digital Magic: the Gathering collection, I’ll have to strongly disagree with Zelnick.

A Few Companies Are Openly Speaking Out Against Gaming NFTs

Not every gaming company is embracing NFT’s. In fact, some are backing away, both from the start and following backlash from their fanbase.

GSC Game World is one example of listening to feedback from players. After extreme backlash, they removed anything and everything related to NFT gaming from the upcoming game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2.

Sega is another example of a game maker that realizes gamers hate NFTs. They stated recently that they’re carefully assessing subjects such as NFTs in regards to what is and isn’t accepted by fans.

Game sellers are on the fence about Gaming NFT’s being sold on their platforms.

Steam Has Banned Anything Involving Blockchain or NFT Gaming

Valve, a logical company, has banned any and all blockchain or NFT gaming from the Steam platform.

Per their onboarding guidelines, “applications built on blockchain technology that issue or allow exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs” are listed under items that shouldn’t be published on Steam.

Epic Games Seems to Be Okay With Blockchain on Their Store

I’ll let Tim Sweeney do the talking here.

NFT gaming is likely to divide gamers and the company’s who sell them their games for many years to come. In the meantime, if those NFT’s don’t impede actual gameplay, it really comes down to personal choices made by gamers when purchasing in-game items.


Written by Jake Valentine

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