Nier Automata Lofi Soundtrack Is Available for Your Chill Beats Pleasure

The Nier Automata soundtrack is one of the best in gaming, hands down. Now, the highly memorable soundtrack has just received a chill remake with the Nier Automata LoFi Soundtrack.

A few days before Nier Automata’s fifth anniversary, Curaga Records has released a Lofi remake of the Nier Automata OST. You can listen on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music.

Nier Automata OST LoFi

Curaga Records is known for remixing video game soundtracks into Lofi and has consistently delivered remarkable melodies in games such as Skyrim, Super Mario 64, Pokémon Red, etc.

The Nier Automata soundtrack is filled with a lot of heart, melancholy, and beauty. With collaborations from other well-known LoFi video game music creators, the Nier Automata Lofi soundtrack surely hits with a dose of nostalgia while introducing some chill beats.

Nier Automata Lofi City Ruins
Nier Automata City Ruins

Peaceful Sleep – Camp Music and Weight of the World are huge highlights. Not to mention that the City Ruins track quickly takes you right back to the desolated lands of Nier Automata.

Moreover, fans can also access the physical copies of the Nier Automata Lofi soundtrack from the Materia Store. They have put up pre-orders for compact discs and cassette tapes, priced at $14.99. These wonderfully designed copies include all ten tracks featured in the Nier Automata Lofi soundtrack.

Nier Automata Fifth Anniversary

Nier Automata will celebrate its fifth anniversary come February 23rd. Additionally, Square Enix and Yoko Taro and his team will be hosting a live stream at 4:00 AM ET time.

The stream will supposedly be in Japanese only. Also, it’s unclear what kind of announcement is to be expected regarding Nier. However, there have been rumors of a Nier Automata anime adaptation. Also, there’s always hope for a DLC, especially considering the ending E of the game.

Yoko Taro had claimed that the Nier series is finished. However, he later followed up by saying that producing more Nier games would be on the cards if they received funding.

For now, we can rejoice by reading the good old fan theories with some Nier Automata LoFi in the background. Or, you can try out new games till then.

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