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NieR Replicant Elaborate Machine | How to Get

NieR Replicant Elaborate Machine

NieR Replicant has a surprising number of materials, and many of them can be frustrating to acquire. Whether it’s due to low monster spawn rates or rarity of the materials, you might never see some of these important upgrade aids. One of these materials, the Elaborate Machine of Nier Replicant, is especially hard to get. If you’re having trouble getting the late-game upgrade material, and need a quick hand to show you where it is, we’ve got your back!

How to Get Elaborate Machine in NieR Replicant

How to get Elaborate Machine in NieR Replicant

The Elaborate Machine of NieR Replicant is found by killing Giant Shades. You can find Giant Shades in the Southern Plains, the Barren Temple, and the Lost Shrine (endgame). Leave and return to the area until there are no spawns of basic shades nearby. Then, take out the big guy, and pray to our machine overlords that you can get the Elaborate Machine to drop.

Aside from Simple and Complex Machine, Elaborate Machines are the rarest of the three Machine types. So, your goal is to fight as many Giant Shades as you can. The earliest you can farm the Elaborate Machine is when the Southern Plains Giant Shade can spawn. However, the easiest way to get this item is when you go to the ambush spot of the Lost Shrine. Once you’re confident in taking both of them down, forcing them to respawn will be your best way to get the Machines. The Barren Temple “wrong move” punishment, where you do the incorrect move to spawn the enemy, is also a good farming technique.

If you’re having trouble dodging their attacks, swing around their back and hit them with a heavy. Then, dodge backwards. That cycle will keep you from getting hit, while also letting you deal consistent melee damage.

You need Elaborate Machines for:

  • Faith (1)
  • Fang of the Twins (1)
  • Iron Will (2)
  • Beastcurse (1)

As long as you find a good spot to grind, you’ll be all set!

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Written by Andrew Smith