Nintendo and Panda Global Will Be Partnering on Super Smash Bros. Tourney’s

Nintendo and Panda Global are partnering
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Esports have grown massively over the last decade. And game makers have been smart to align with companies and teams involved in the sport. That was what Sony had in mind when they purchased the Evolution Championship Series.

Nintendo and Panda Global
Image Via Nintendo

EVO was known for their showcases which often featured Super Smash Bros. tournaments. Those were likely to stop with Sony taking over the brand.

So Nintendo has made a move of their own. Today the Japanese game maker announced a new partnership with Panda Global.

Panda wrote on their website, “Panda is proud to announce we will be operating the first-ever officially licensed championship circuit for both the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. Melee games! This short series of events based in North America will kick off in 2022 and lead to a single championship with cash prizes for competitors in each Super Smash Bros. title. More details around the events, how to qualify, where to watch, and more details will come in the future.”

Nintendo also discussed the partnership on the company’s Twitter feed, writing, “Confirmed. Ready your A-game, Super Smash Bros competitors. We’ve partnered with Panda Global to launch the first officially licenses Super Smash Bros. championship circuit in North America, coming 2022.”

This will likely just be the start of expanded partnerships between gaming companies and the biggest names in Esports. And with major backing from a Nintendo or Sony, the prizes and coverage of these events are sure to grow.

Read the full press release from Panda Global here

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