Nintendo Preps for the Holiday Season With New Indie Games

Nintendo Preps for the Holiday Season With New Indie Games
Photo Credit: Nintendo

As we head into the 2022 Christmas holiday shopping season, many Nintendo fans are curious about what games will be coming to Nintendo Switch shortly. 

Today’s Indie World featured 20-plus minutes of indie games coming to Nintendo Switch. Some will be available as soon as later today, while others will launch in 2023. The games include new announcements, anticipated ports, and updates to games we’ve been dying to play. 

It’s been a great year for Nintendo’s console, filled with marquee releases. Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and Splatoon 3 have all highlighted a banner year for Nintendo. We recently saw some first-party games from a recent Nintendo Direct, but what about the indies? 

Let’s see what indies are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Indie World Announces a New Slew of Indie Games for Nintendo Switch

The first game for Nintendo’s latest Indie World Showcase is a cooking game called Venba. From Visai Games, the title focuses on an Indian immigrant family moving to Canada in the 1980s. Players are tasked with helping the mother reconnect with her Indian heritage after the move.

Venba is coming to Nintendo Switch in Spring 2023.

Goodbye World highlights a duo of friends as they attempt to make their own video game. You’ll experience their struggles as they are forced to supplement income with part-time jobs and deal with the strain on their personal lives. 

Goodbye World launches later this month. 

Have a Nice Death Indie World
Photo Credit: Magic Design Studios

Have a Nice Death is a 2D action roguelike released earlier this year in Early Access on Steam. The game incorporates the theme of being an employee of Death, Incorporated and roguelike tropes. Dying in-game is only the beginning as you progress further and further each time.

The full game will be available on March 22nd, 2023. 

Aka is a chill and relaxing game that gives off Animal Crossing vibes without the struggles of paying off loans to Tom Nook. It is available on December 15th.

Devolver Digital Digs Into the Action

Next up is Pepper Grinder from Devolver Digital. The game features a 2D pixel art style that bears a passing resemblance to the arcade classic Dig Dug. The gameplay trailer showcases a platforming action-adventure style that will make Celeste fans feel at home. 

Pepper Grinder will be available for Nintendo Switch in 2023. 

Coffee Talk is one of the best cozy games currently available for Nintendo Switch. Fans will be thrilled to hear that we’re getting more stories to be told. Coffee Talk 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly is coming to Switch next Spring. 

Oni: Road to be the Mightiest Oni is a 3D action adventure with a spirited Japanese aesthetic and art style. On the surface, it feels like a Zelda clone, but the gameplay hook is that players control two characters simultaneously. In addition, some powerful enemies are too strong to be defeated. You’ll need to know when to fight and, more importantly, when to flee. 

Oni: Road to be the Mightiest Oni will release on Nintendo Switch on March 9th, 2023. 

The Creators of a Beloved Indie Game Are Back

From the creators of Monument Valley comes Desta: The Memories Between. The titular character Desta enters a dream world at night that features a turn-based “ball game” and character-driven dialogues. One of the most intriguing games from today’s Nintendo Indie World, Desta will release in early 2023. 

A Space for the Unbound, set in 90s rural Indonesia, follows high-school sweethearts in a coming-of-age tale. Naturally, there’s more than meets the eye, as they need to save their town from supernatural powers that may or may not bring the end of the world. It releases on Switch on January 19th, 2023. 

Dordogne is a French-developed game with a gorgeous art style inspired by some of the most beautiful paintings. Starring Mimi, players will explore an absolutely beautiful world as she discovers long-lost family secrets left behind. 

The gameplay also features a parallel as you play as 10-year-old Mimi in the past while adult Mimi searches her deceased grandmother’s home. It will be released next Spring.

Rogue Legacy 2 Nintendo Switch
Photo Credit: Cellar Door Games

Botany Manor is a planting simulator for those lacking a green thumb with plant-based puzzle solving. It will release on Switch in 2023. 

Once Upon a Jester is a theatrical musical adventure available later today. Players are encouraged to sing, dance, and perform for an audience. You’ll work your way up to join the famous Royal Theatrical Spectacle. 

Rogue Legacy 2 is the sequel to one of the most popular indie roguelikes of all time. After releasing earlier this year for other consoles, it becomes available for Nintendo Switch today.

Blanc is a console exclusive for Nintendo Switch, launching on February 14th. From Gearbox Publishing, the game features a fawn and wolf cub lost in a snowstorm. Blanc is a cooperative game where two players must platform and solve puzzles together. 

Cue the Highlight Reel

The Nintendo Direct Indie World then focused on showcasing a reel of games coming in the future for Nintendo Switch. They are as follows:

  • Inscryption – December 1st
  • WrestleQuest – May 2023
  • Wobbledogs Console Edition – November 17th
  • Storyteller – March 23rd, 2023
  • WORLD OF HORROR – Summer 2023
  • Curse of the Sea Rats – Early 2023

A Little to the Left is an indie game like Unpacking. Instead of moving, A Little to the Left is a puzzle-solving game about finding the right spot for your household items. However, the household cat is prepared to do cat things and mess everything up.

Don’t worry; you can pet the cat, though.

A Little to the Left is coming to Switch late today. 

Oh, and One More Thing

Finally, we are getting an update to Sports Story, the sequel to 2018’s Golf Story.

In addition to featuring Golf, Tennis, BMX biking, soccer, and more, be prepared for dungeon crawling, exploration, and stealth sequences are gameplay features. Developer Sidebar Games mentioned that development was delayed due to the game’s increased scope. It looks like they weren’t kidding.

Sports Story is coming to Nintendo Switch this December. 

That does it for The November Nintendo Direct Indie World presentation! 




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