One Day in, Nintendo Switch is Encountering Huge Problems With N64 Gameplay

Earlier this year, Nintendo delighted gamers by announcing that classic N64 games would be available on the Switch. It cost a pretty penny too. The subscription price for users wanting to play both N64 and Sega Genesis games more than doubled.

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The games went live last night, though, and there are already major issues. Multiple users online have complained of controller lag and framerate troubles.

Many of the concerns are focused on The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Gamers noted that during the Water Temple segment, the fog, draw distance, and water texture all seemed off.


There were also issues with MarioKart 64. When players attempted to challenge their friends online, they encountered issues with both frame rate and latency. Twitter user Fuck it Frog Phone shared a clip of the horrid gameplay and simply wrote, “50 dollars for this.”

The issues could always have to do with the internet connection of the players, but that is probably not true in every case. And while these issues will most likely be cleaned up, people who were excited to play now are clearly upset.

The frustration over gameplay was magnified by the sheer cost of the games. It was aggressive to double the price of the subscription and release games that might not be ready.

ResetEra user HustleBun noted, “Considering the aggressive price tag on Expansion Pass, it’s understandable why people would be so put off by the myriad of problems that are being seen here. At best, people are paying for a BETA of sorts. And that’s if Nintendo addresses any of the problems.”


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